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Hi Axel,

(Taking the discussion to the open list.)

I plan to attend.

OpenID Tech Summit at Kantara Conference is planned on May 15, which is
co-hosted by FB/Google/MSFT in Berlin.


On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 12:38 AM, <Axel.Nennker at telekom.de> wrote:

>  Is anything planned for the European Identity Conference in Munic in May
> in the week just before the Kantara meeting?
> http://www.id-conf.com/
> Who of us is attending that Event anyway? I am.
> -axel
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>  OpenID Board Meeting Agenda:
> The Goals of the First Meeting fall into three categories:
> The first is organizational;  We will elect officers and constitute the
> executive committee. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and
> Community Liaison.
> The second is informational: We will hear brief updates from the AB/Connect
> Working Group and Kick Willemse regarding his SWOT analysis
> The third is a brief review the draft resolutions and schedule below for
> action at our next board meeting in February
>   Proposed OpenID Foundation 2011 Scheduale
>     - January 12 OIDF Board Teleconference
>       - January 18 OpenID Policy Summit co hosted with OIX in Washington
>       DC
>       - February 14 OpenID at Identity Collaboration Day in SFO
>       - February 16 OIDF Board FTF Meeting at RSA in San Francisco
>       - March 8 OpenID Retail Summit co-hosted by PayPal at PayPal HQ in
>       San Jose
>       - May 2 OpenID Technology Summit at IIW co-hosted by FB/Google/MSFT
>       in Mountain View
>       - May 5 OIDF Board FTF Meeting at IIW in Mountain View
>       - May 15 OpenID Technology Summit at Kantara Conference co-hosted
>       FB/Google/MSFT in Berlin
>       - TBD OpenID AsiaPac Summit co-hosted by NRI in Tokyo
>       - June 11 OpenID Summit at EEMA e-Identity Management Conference
>       co-hosted by FB/Google/MSFT in Estonia
>       - July TBD OpenID Cloud Identity Summit co-hosted by Ping Identity
>       in Colorado
>       - July 25 OpenID Technology Summit at Catalyst co-hosted by
>       FB/Google/MSFT in San Diego
>       - July 25OIDF Board FTF Meeting at Catalyst San Diego
>       - November TBD OpenID Technology Summit November at IIW co-hosted
>       FB/Google/MSFT in Mountain View
>       - November TBD OIDF Board FTF Meeting at IIW Mountain View
>    - Proposed Organizational Changes:
>   1.      Resolution: OIDF sustaining level member companies will agree to
> a collective best efforts to co-host at least two US and 1 international
> OpenID summits per year. Co-hosting includes logistical, programmatic and
> financial support coordinated with one or more organizations or companies.
> Rationale: Clarifies directed funding assumptions without increasing fees
> and provides clear expectations of corporate level members.
> 2.      Resolution: OpenID Summits will be free of charge to OpenID
> individual members and employees of sustaining and corporate member
> companies.
> Rationale: If a membership results in reduced fees at industry events, e.g.
> EEMA, IIWs and OASIS then a tangible economic value can be established. This
> approach was successfully negotiated last year at the EEMA 2010 Conference.
> Microsoft employees took advantage of discounted fees and coordinated
> content at OIDF/OASIS/EEMA events at Microsoft’s London offices.
> Rationale: Most 2011 OpenID Summits are “paired” with other industry
> events; e.g. PayPal’s Innovation Conference, Ping’s Identity Conference
> and IIWs.  Negotiations with event organizers can be enhanced by associating
> with the OpenID brand and the event sponsorships by companies like Facebook,
> Google and Microsoft.
> 3.      Resolution: As of March 30, 2011, individual membership fee will
> be $100/year.  The Board directs the Executive Director to waive this fee in
> cases of hardship, professional courtesy or other reasons on a case by case
> basis.
> Rationale:  Establishes a community membership cost-to-value, offsets costs
> at current levels and discourages ‘join only to vote.’
> 4.      Resolution: Effective for the 2012 election and thereafter, the
> OpenID elections will be in January of the year the elections take effect.
> Rationale: Holding elections near holidays is problematic and moving
> timelines improves participation and integrity of the election process.
> 5.      Resolution: The OIDF adopts a goal of having equal representation
> of US and International directors and equal representation of sustaining and
> community members on the OIDF Executive Committee, consistent with the
> board’s ability to choose well-qualified and highly dedicated candidates for
> the executive committee meeting those criteria.
> Rationale: This demonstrates the OPIF’s commitment to international
> participation and facilitates growing global adoption of OpenID.
> Don Thibeau
> Executive Director
> openid.net <http://www.openid.net>
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