[OpenID board] Closing inactive OpenID working groups

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 21 21:53:03 UTC 2011

At the latest OpenID board meeting, I took the action item to have the specifications close down inactive working groups.  This is to help eliminate confusion among the members about where work is occurring and focus people's efforts on the active working groups.

Per section 4.4 of the OpenID process document<http://openid.net/wordpress-content/uploads/2010/01/OpenID_Process_Document_December_2009_Final_Approved.pdf>, "The Specifications Council may recommend closure of a WG at any time that the WG has not had Minimum Membership for six consecutive months at the time of closure, and such recommendation will promptly be submitted to a vote of the OIDF membership, in accordance with the voting procedures in §3."  "Minimum Membership" is defined in section 1.6 as "five contributors".

It's clear that all of these working groups meet this criteria in terms of lack of participation by 5 members within the last 6 months:

·         v.Next Core

·         v.Next Discovery

·         v.Next Attributes

·         v.Next Certification

·         v.Next User Experience

Also, given the consensus to merge the Connect work into the Artifact Binding work, I would argue that we should close the Connect working group at the same time, so that it's clear that people wanting to contribute to it should join the Artifact Binding working group, where the work is actually proceeding.  Formally, there have been 7 contributors on the Connect working group list in the last 6 months:  Breno de Medeiros, Chris Messina, Chuck Mortimore, David Recordon, John Bradley, Joseph Smarr, and Nat Sakimura.  The most recent contribution was 11/3/10.  So we could either wait a few months to close it, or if three of the above contributors agree that it should be closed, I believe we could proceed with the membership vote to close the working group at the same time.  (I'd rather not have two membership votes closing working groups.)

So after a discussion period, unless people form consensus around a different course of action, I'm going to propose a specs council vote that we close all 6 of these working groups.

                                                                Thanks all,
                                                                -- Mike

P.S.  The present membership of the specifications council is:

·         Johnny Bufu

·         Breno de Medeiros

·         Dick Hardt

·         Mike Jones

·         David Recordon

·         Nat Sakimura

·         Allen Tom

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