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I'd be interested in how you think this is relevant to OpenID. Clearly Facebook followed by other accounts is solving the SSO and registration pain. How does OpenID fit into this?

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On 2011-02-08, at 2:31 PM, Brian Kissel wrote:

> FYI: http://www.janrain.com/blogs/research-study-consumer-perceptions-online-registration-and-social-sign
> Don & Amanda, feel free to site this in the 2010 year in review report.
> Some of the results from the nationally representative sample of over 600 consumers weren’t too surprising -75% are bothered by website registrations and will change their behavior as a result, including leaving the site altogether. 76% admit to having provided incorrect or incomplete information.
> A clear majority - 66% see social sign-in, accessing a site by using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or other account, as an attractive alternative.
> The survey shows stark behavior differences between the respondents favoring social sign-in (“fans”) and those who prefer traditional methods (“critics”).
> ·        21% of the social sign-in fans planned to spend more money during the 2010 holiday season, compared to only 16% of the critics
> ·        39% of the social sign-in fans planned to do more of their shopping online than last year, compared to only 25% of the critics
> ·        25% of the social sign-in fans use social networks to influence others or make purchase decisions, compared to only 13% of the critics
> ·        35% of the social sign-in fans admit to making a purchase based on a positive social network post, compared to only 16% of the critics
> Consumers inclined to use social sign-in are more valuable to companies; they are more likely to return to sites offering social sign-in, they spend larger dollar amounts on the site and have more favorable views about the brand.
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