[OpenID board] Reminder to invite retailers to the Summit

Brian Kissel brian.kissel at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 23:25:59 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Only a month left before the Retail Summit and we'd still like to get a few
more retailers to participate.  Please invite retailers that you know have
or plan to implement social login and publishing solutions.




Here's who we have so far:



*	Rob Harles (Global Head of Social Media Bloomberg and formerly VP
Social Media and Community at Sears)
*	Steve Braunschweiger (IT Architect and IS Worldwide Application Tech
Support at Kodak)
*	Jon Nordmark (CEO of Usingmiles.com and former CEO of eBags)
*	Other participating retailers so far: Fedex, Safeway, eBay, Yahoo
Small Business, Shoes.com, FamousFootwear.com, Letstalk.com, PrincessAuto,
City of San Jose 

Foundation Members and Solution Providers:

*	Andrew Nash (Senior Director of Information Risk Management, PayPal)

*	Eric Sachs (Identity and Security Product Manager, Google)
*	Naveen Agarwal (Director of Engineering, Yahoo)
*	Mike Repass (Product Manager for Platform and APIs, LinkedIn)
*	George Fletcher (Chief Architect for Identity Services, AOL)
*	Brian Kissel (Board Member, OpenID Foundation) 
*	Representatives from Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Mozilla, NTT,
Ping Identity, LexisNexis, Docusign, and others



Cheers, Brian


brian.kissel at gmail.com

Cell: 503.866.4424

Efax: 503.296.5502

 <http://twitter.com/bkkissel> cid:image002.png at 01CB865C.9A7170B0
<http://www.linkedin.com/in/briankkissel> cid:image003.png at 01CB865C.9A7170B0


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