[OpenID board] OpenID Connect Implementer's Draft review under way

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Sat Dec 24 00:38:25 UTC 2011

We mailed the membership and legal contacts this morning and posted about the commencement of the Implementer's Draft review at http://openid.net/2011/12/23/review-of-proposed-openid-connect-implementer%e2%80%99s-drafts/.

I posted a personal message about this at http://self-issued.info/?p=619.  Nat Sakimura posted at http://nat.sakimura.org/2011/12/24/openid-connect-implementers-draft/.  John Bradley posted at http://www.thread-safe.com/#!/2011/12/connect-implementers-draft.html.  You're all encouraged to promote this accomplishment in your own ways as well.

This is a very significant day for the foundation!  Thanks for all that each of you did to get us to this point.

Coming next:  more deployments, feedback, and final specifications!

                                                            -- Mike

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