[OpenID board] OIDF ED Update: MId-Year Reports- Follow Up

Don Thibeau don at oidf.org
Mon Sep 6 13:16:36 UTC 2010

Over the last few weeks I have been sending a series of OIDF Mid Year
Reports.  The Executive Committee's feedback has determined the resulting
reprioritization and will guide decisions and spending for the second part
of the OIDF's fiscal year. As discussed in the last EC meeting, we will be
focusing on a specific set of initiatives emphasizing measurable
improvements to the foundation's website, OpenID's global trademark position
and broader adoption (especially by relying parties.)  This is consistent
with and progresses the full board's unanimous vote in the beginning of the
year to expand the OIDF mission by reaching out to new organizations and
members and develop new applications. 


To be sure there is much other work to be done. One outstanding issue is how
best to make the full board discussions more productive at a strategic
level.  Some may be interested in revisiting recent resolutions and
discussing previous attempts to address governance and structural issues. My
preference is to look forward. Of course any board member can propose any
resolutions at any time. I will be glad to work on new resolutions to
improve the OIDF.  This fall the board's focus may well be on three areas;
the strategic implications of the "Connect" and other working groups, the
ongoing challenges of RP adoption especially in retail applications and the
board elections at the end of the calendar year. More work can be done in
"helping working groups work." One example is finalizing hiring a technical
writer to support the Technical Committee's Connect Working Group and
others. It is a practical, affordable step needed now.  The Executive
Committee's midyear decisions on investments and budget rationalizations
reconcile the full board requirement for a prudent fiscal approach, actual
and forecasted renewals sustaining members. Here's a brief recap of the
priorities from now to the end of the year.


Support of OIX Complete: The OpenID Foundation's grant and in-kind
investments in the Open Identity Exchange met the goals of the early 2010
Board's resolutions.

OpenID Trademark Project:  Phase 1 is underway, its goals are to: meet US
fiduciary best practices, repair and restore OIDF's EU position and update
OpenID Japan legal status.

OpenID.net Upgrade: The development and "beta" testing of a new "Blog
Aggregation" feature, new "ED Blog" and new content feature "OpenID Voices"
has begun.

Technical Writing Support:  We are finalizing a SOW and contract with a
professional technical writer to document technical working group

Executive Directors Priorities: The EC has reset the ED's goals to: recruit
new members, support international / RP adoption and focus on market facing


OIX Working Group on ICAM LoA 2 & 3:  An ongoing set of meetings building on
the ICAM Open2.0 profile with government officials begins tomorrow in
Washington DC.

OpenID & NIH Information Session for Scientists/Researchers/Librarians:
Meetings with government and professional orgs. begins tomorrow in
Washington DC.

OpenID Summit- Paris at Orange in October 18 is co-lead by John Bradley and
Nat Sakimura. The registration link is:

OpenID Retail Advisory Committee Kickoff Event -TBD, see Brian Kissel for
more information.

IIW -Europe, London on October 11

OpenID Summit- Palo Alto at Facebook on November 8 will focus on OpenID
technical working group progress 

IIW- Mountain View, CA and Face to Face Board Meeting on November 9-10

2011 OIDF Board Elections in December 2010


Don Thibeau

Executive Director

The OpenID Foundation

 <http://openid.net/> http://openid.net



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