[OpenID board] Technical Committee Meeting Minutes

Dick Hardt dick.hardt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 06:29:16 UTC 2010

March 3 meeting at Thirsty Bear. 4-7PM
Attendees: Dick Hardt (chair and secretary), David Recordon, Joseph Smarr, Allen Tom, Mike Jones, Don Thibeau
Pam Dingle and Anthony Nadalin graced us with their presence for a bit

Technical Committee 2010 Theme
A critical criteria for the theme was that it would resonate with the current community, and attract new members to the technical community. We brainstormed on a number of theme ideas and decided on "OpenID v Next". This is a clear theme and one the technologists can rally around. It is a new, shiny project that conveys a message that all ideas are welcome, encouraging new players to come to the OpenID technical community.

Tech Summits
What works:
	+ Presentations by RPs on how they solved identity problems or had issues. eg. Facebook presenting about Facebook Connect, RPs presenting at UX Summit
	+ networking
	+ presenting a solution was a forcing function to get stuff done in time
What does not work:
	- agendas not organized
	- splitting into groups / break outs
	- wide variation of participants
	- not getting value from most attendees
	- presentations of varied quality
	- having board meeting right after event cuts into networking, creates exclusivity perceptions

Reviewing this material, there was discussion on how to structure the upcoming Summit and agreed on the following:

+ short presentations
+ start with defining the problem presentations
+ follow with solution presentations
+ open space on second day for new topics
+ end with WG next steps
All attendees are participants. They are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. They are presenting on how they want to use OpenID, presenting on how to solve the problems, or active in the WGs.

Next Steps:
+ Call for presentations from people with identity problems where they think OpenID could help them now or in future, and technologists with ideas on how to solve outstanding issues with OpenID.
+ Post draft schedule to specs list
+ Recruit others to participate in Summit that are not using OpenID (Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

Rough Summit Schedule:
Monday: start after lunch followed by networking dinner (starting after lunch allows west travellers to travel Monday morning)
Tuesday: solution presentations, some open space, WG next steps
Wednesday: morning board

Working Groups
What works:
+ OpenID Foundation looks like the place to work on advancing OpenID technology
What does not work:
- People are part of WG without having executed IPR agreement
- most work happens outside WGs
- working groups float along, not clear when work is over. people implement drafts, and spec does not get ratified

There was consensus that the current working groups are not working very well and that we needed to:
+ manage the IPR of who is participating in the WG
+ chair WGs so that they move along or disband
+ members of Tech Committee will chair WGs if no chair is elected by WG and ensure IPR is met

Next steps:
+ Sanity check of WG issues with community
+ Reduce number of technical mail lists

We talked about what was working and not working in the infrastructure. 
- too many mail lists is an issue
- not clear who owns infrastructure

Next steps:
+ reduce number of general mail lists (collapse all non-WG lists to specs?)
+ migrate lists to Google Apps (David is going to do this by April 1)
+ Technical Committee will own running infrastructure for Foundation

Test Suite			$20K	(matching Facebook and Google contributions)
openid.net ops		$10K	(Tech Committee take over ops of website etc.)
tech comm content	$10K	(wiki and DL gardenning, someone to make the Technical Committee content easy to read etc.)
openid.net OSS		$5K		(showcase OSS RP software on openid.net)
SWAG for summits	$4K		(cool things for attendees to get)
community outreach	$1K		(drinks)

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