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The document formerly known as the "National Strategy for Secure Online
Transactions" is now the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in
Cyberspace".  The White House statement from Howard Schmidt:  "Today, I am
pleased to announce the latest step in moving our Nation forward in securing
our cyberspace with the release of the draft National Strategy for trusted
Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).  This first draft of NSTIC was developed
in collaboration with key government agencies, business leaders and privacy
advocates. What has emerged is a blueprint to reduce cybersecurity
vulnerabilities and improve online privacy protections through the use of
trusted digital identities. " 

The NSS is now accepting open public comments on the IdeaScale website (a
"cloud comment service" contracted by the government):
http://www.nstic.ideascale.com/   By the way IdeaScale is following the ICAM
guidelines accepting only certified OpenID identity providers. Judy Spencer
from the GSA shares the OIX view that government priorities should include
the widespread adoption of OpenID at government sites, the continued
development of trust frameworks and new government pilots at higher levels
of assurance.  These efforts are likely to be described in a separate
Implementation Plan which will be available at the end of July in draft and
then officially when President Obama signs the strategy document this fall. 
The NSTIC emphasizes the need for consistent user experience, contextualized
identity, choice of credentials and identity providers, and a robust
"Identity Ecosystem." The OIX has had constant contact with the National
Security Staff's team as it represents many of the companies who consider
"Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" a core competency.  We are looking
forward to a meeting of OIX representatives with Howard Schmidt in the near
future to continue to refine (Page 16) the governance layer of trust
frameworks in the identity ecosystem. Again the report is in a draft stage
and "Public ideas and recommendations to further refine this Strategy are

Kim Cameron of Microsoft called the current draft "historic because of the
grasp of identity issues it achieves..At the core of the document is a
recognition that we need a solution supporting privacy-enhancing
technologies and built by harnessing a user-centric Identity Ecosystem
offering citizens and private enterprise plenty of choice.   The authors
understand society needs a spectrum of approaches suitable for different use
cases but fitting within a common interoperable ecosystem.   A few years ago
I would not have believed this kind of progress would be possible."

We are off to such a good start. The support of the OIX by grants from the
OpenID Foundation and Information Card Foundation enabled community,
companies and organizations in the identity to working closely with policy
thinkers and those leading this initiative in government.  The OIX focus on
more adoption-of open identity protocols, more pilots -at higher levels of
assurance and more certification of IdP's and RP's are strengthening various
aspects of the White House strategy.  As Kim points out in his post; " The
real challenge will be to actually live up to the guiding principles as we
move from high level statements to a widely deployed system - making it
truly secure, resilient and privacy enhancing."  Please contact me with any
questions or comments.

Don Thibeau
Executive Director
The OpenID Foundation

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   1. O'Reilly on National Strategy for Trusted Identities	in
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