[OpenID board] OIDF ED Update; OpenID Summit London

Don Thibeau (OIDF ED) don at oidf.org
Fri Jun 11 15:56:00 UTC 2010

Each of the OpenID Summits this year has had its own purpose and
personality.  The Summit in Chicago brought the RP perspective and adoption
committee agenda to life. The Tech Summit Mountain View kicked off a new set
of working groups.  The OpenID Summit in London opened up a two way exchange
- Google, CA Tech, Microsoft and others provided updates and a variety of EU
OpenID initiatives were debated and described.  Ilan Caron demo''ed the
Google/Yahoo! email project. Kim Cameron pointed out the challenges of
channeling diverse engineering creativity into standards processes and
underlined the differences in "enterprise development time versus consumer
cloud time."  


One of the success metrics of the Summit will be increased visibility and
coordination on the pilots underway in Belgium, Germany and elsewhere.  Mike
Jones reviewed all OIDF planned and authorized working groups with intent to
solicit increase international participation. Combining the OpenID Summit
with the OASIS and EEMA meetings provided the hoped for synergies and
encouragement for similar events later in the year. One benefit of a
directed funding model might open up funding options of OpenID Europe by
local companies. 


Thanks again to the Microsoft team for hosting, John Bradley and Kick
Willemse for developing the agenda and all participants for another
successful Summit. 


Don Thibeau

Executive Director

The OpenID Foundation

 <http://openid.net> http://openid.net


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