[OpenID board] May 19, 2010 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

John Bradley jbradley at mac.com
Tue Jun 1 02:05:18 UTC 2010


You know that XRI is used by multiple OP.   It is not something a RP site demands.

In discovery going forward we need to look at how and if XRI identifiers are supported.

Because LRDD and XRI are so close you can normalize a XRI by adding @xri.net to the end and doing webfinger/LRDD resolution to get a XRD.

People may be opposed to XRI on philosophical grounds, and want it removed.

Breaking peoples openID without a good reason should be avoided.

I prefer to look at it as coming up with a suitable discovery flow and then determining what identifier formats are appropriate.

If at the end of the day XRI can't be supported we will discover that.   I would prefer not to make that a precondition.

There are a number of equally under-utilized features of AX we could look at:)

John B.

On 2010-05-31, at 9:48 PM, Dick Hardt wrote:

> On 2010-05-31, at 6:33 PM, Nat Sakimura wrote:
>> I do not understand why we need to remove XRI.
>> XRI being complex etc. is an illusion or badly written code.
>> If XRI is complex, acct: URI is complex, too.
>> They virtually are the same thing from the processing point of view.
>> Keeping the identifier compatibility is really important for the RPs and Users.
> I don't think there is much usage of URI, and many sites are not supporting it. Removing under utilized features that are not adding value simplifies the specs and implementations. 
> Nat: do you know of sites that are heavily using XRIs?
> -- Dick
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