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Daniel Jacobson fragment37 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 30 02:27:18 UTC 2010

I am not sure what te process should be either, but these lists need to be moved somewhere that supports:

1.  Archiving and easy search and recovery of previous posts.
2.  Support for OpenID.

On Jan 29, 2010, at 9:21 PM, John Bradley <jbradley at mac.com> wrote:


I thought that David was the keeper of the lists.

I don't have any plan to move them, though would help with that if the board makes that decision.

I observed that there are existing lists like Legal and security that could be used to get things started, and moved if needed.

I joined Legal and discovered that there are over 140 members of the list.

On the upside the business of the committee would not be secret.

I can take the lead on getting one of the committees going to elect co-chairs.

However if as you indicated the Committee elects its own chairs, and any committee member can run,  I am not certain that the outcome of having board members as chairs is necessarily the likely outcome.

I am assuming that the committees are not WG and don't have IPR rules.

So anyone who joins the list is a member?

I recall that when the Security list was set up originally, Tony was appointed chair so there was no real election process.
The list never saw much use.

If these are real committees and not just random comment email lists we probably need some basic guidelines on the rules for board committees. 

There seems to be some inertia to getting started.   

I am one of the new people on the board,  I don't have a good feel for how committees functioned or not with previous boards.

I am tempted to pick a committee declare myself Chair pro tem and organize an election to replace myself.

This process seems to have stalled for the last week.

John B.

On 2010-01-29, at 10:57 PM, Brian Kissel wrote:

Hi John,
What did you resolve for managing mailing lists going forward?  Are you advocating moving to Google lists, something else, or staying with what we have today.  In any case, Global Inventures and the Executive Director should have administrative access to all mailing lists for the benefit of continuity.
From the mailing lists we have right now…
[no description available]
[no description available]
General OpenID discussions relating to Europe
OpenID General Discussion
Legal discussion around OpenID
OpenID marketing
Discussion around security and anti-phishing tactics
OpenID Specifications Discussions
Specifications Council
Contract Exchange for dynamic exchange of legal contract among the parties.
PAPE specification mailing list
User Interface Working Group Specs list
OpenID user experience
I’d like to see us have the following to start.  We can add/delete/modify as necessary as the Committees come up to speed and determine what their respective needs are.
·         Board
·         Board Private
·         Executive Committee (new)
·         General
·         Adoption (if we can migrate the Marketing and User Experience lists over to this list, that would be great, if not we’ll just let sit dormant unless/until the Adoption Committee requests them)
·         Government (new)
·         Security
·         Technology (new)
·         Legal
·         International Outreach (new)
·         Certification (new)
Are people actively using EU?  If so, we should roll that into International Outreach unless the International Outreach Committee wants to keep this separate list.
Will leave it to the Technical Committee to determine what lists they want (specs, specs-council, specs-cx, etc.)

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