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John Bradley jbradley at mac.com
Wed Jan 27 15:07:22 UTC 2010

In the process of setting up the AX 1.1 WG a number of things have come to light.

One is some confusion around who needs to submit what sort of agreement, Personal or Company.
Perhaps our new Secretary can have a look at that.

The more important one is that the OIDF has a practice of positing scanned documents publicly including peoples signature.

A number of us don't think publicly posting our address info with a scan of our signature is such a good idea.

I think everyone agrees that who has signed contribution agreements and what WG they apply to should be public.

However there are ways to do that are less subject to identity theft and other issues.

I would like to recommend that one of our committees (perhaps the legal one) or a sub committee. 

Review and publish the OIDF privacy policy and specifically if practices like posting members PII publicly are appropriate.

The board can then consider those recommendations.  

In the interim I would like GlobalInventures to redact my signature from any and all of the IPR agreements they publish.

I don't think we can be credible respecting peoples right to privacy on the internet if we don't do a credible job with our own members.

There may be other privacy issues I am not currently aware of as well.

I think being proactive about privacy can only increase participation from the community in general.

John B.
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