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David Recordon recordond at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 07:26:01 UTC 2010

Hey all,
I like the enthusiasm going into the call Wednesday, but isn't it premature
to insinuate that the officers will all remain the same as 2009?  Isn't some
churn in leadership responsible for a non-profit organization?


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Recent changes on *OpenID Wiki <http://wiki.openid.net/>*

   - *Page* 2010 Planning <#1264a9d50da40181_page-2010%20Planning>

 *Page* 2010 Planning <http://wiki.openid.net/2010-Planning?r=notification>

edited by Brian Kissel (bkissel at janrain.com)
Preside at all meetings on the Board of Directors and shall cast a
tie-breaking vote in theelection of any officers other than Chairman of the
Board member:* member:Brian Kissel is willing to serve one additional year
in this position.*
In absence of a Chairman, the Vice Chair shall carry out all duties of the
Record-keeping including (a) official recording of the minutes of all
proceedings of the Board of Directors, including the committees thereof, and
members’ meeting and actions; (b) provision for notice of all meetings of
the Board of Directors and members; (c) authentication of the records of the
corporation; (d) maintaining current and accurate membership lists.
this role.* role. Mike Jones is also willing to continue in this role until
May (see his email to the board of 1/19/2010)*
Overall responsibility for all corporate funds including: (a) keeping of
full and accurate accounts of all financial records of the corporation; (b)
deposit of all monies and other valuable effects in the name and to the
credit of the corporation in such depositories as may be designated by the
Board of Directors; (c) disbursement of all funds when proper to do so; (d)
making financial reports as to the financial condition of the corporation to
the Board of Directors

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