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Hello All,

For those of you who haven't checked out the OpenID Wiki that David created and others have updated, here is the current version.  You can see the master document at http://wiki.openid.net/2010-Planning  Your name may have been volunteered for one of the committees of committee co-chairs.  If you'd prefer not to serve in the role(s) where you show up, please let David or me know and we can remove it.  If your name isn't listed in a role where you'd like to serve, please let us know that as well.

We have a lot to cover on the first board call this coming Wednesday, so let's try to have this as up to date as possible by then.  Again, what's below is just a working document for discussion purposes.  It's up to the full board to select the officers, and while I'm not completely sure of it, I think it's up to each of the committees to select their chair/co-chairs.  Mike or David can correct me if I'm off on this.

2010 Planning


·         Preside at all meetings on the Board of Directors and shall cast a tie-breaking vote in the election of any officers other than Chairman of the Board.

·         Board member:


·         In absence of a Chairman, the Vice Chair shall carry out all duties of the Chairman

·         Board member:  Nat Sakimura is willing to continue on in 2010.  As many know, Scott Kveton was elected Vice-Chair in 2009, but due to changing work requirements, had to step down toward the end of the year.  Nat Sakimura volunteered to take over and was approved by the board


·         Recordkeeping including (a) official recording of the minutes of all proceedings of the Board of Directors, including the committees thereof, and members' meeting and actions; (b) provision for notice of all meetings of the Board of Directors and members; (c) authentication of the records of the corporation; (d) maintaining current and accurate membership lists.

·         Board member:


·         Overall responsibility for all corporate funds including: (a) keeping of full and accurate accounts of all financial records of the corporation; (b) deposit of all monies and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the corporation in such depositories as may be designated by the Board of Directors; (c) disbursement of all funds when proper to do so; (d) making financial reports as to the financial condition of the corporation to the Board of Directors

·         Board member: Mike Ozburn is willing to continue on in 2010.  As many know, Raj Mata of Yahoo was elected Treasurer in 2009, but due to changing work requirements, had to step down toward the end of the year.  Mike Ozburn volunteered to take over and was approved by the board.

Executive Committee

·         Charter: Support execution needs of both Don T and each Committee by tackling cross organization issues.

·         Composition: Currently four officers plus International Liaison and Technical Community Liaison.

·         Note: There has been discussion about adding a Relying Party Liaison position or removing the International and Technical Community Liaison positions.  There has also been discussion about creating another "Leadership" committee comprised of all the committee chairs.


·         Charter: Develop OpenID as a product and largely working with relying parties to "bring the voice of the customer" while looking at branding, usability, and delivered value.

·         Chair: Brian Kissel

·         Co-chair: Daniel Jacobson, Marc Frons, Rob Harles, Björn Woltermann, or Jonathan Coffman

·         Members: Brian Kissel, Daniel Jacobson, Marc Frons, Rob Harles, Björn Woltermann, Jonathan Coffman, Joseph Smarr

·         Note: some discussion about whether we should have separate Adoption and Marketing committees


·         Charter: Support the needs of the US Federal Government and other governments looking to deploy OpenID.

·         Chair: Mike Ozburn

·         Co-chair: Eric Sachs, Gary Krall, Andrew Nash, or Raj Nagaratnam

·         Members: John Bradley, Brian Kissel, Eric Sachs, Gary Krall, Andrew Nash, Raj Nagaratnam


·         Charter: Working with the Technology Committee and various Working Groups, ensure that OpenID's security model is appropriate for how it is being deployed.

·         Chair: Allen Tom

·         Co-chair: Mike Jones, Andrew Nash, or Eric Sachs

·         Members: John Bradley, Mike Jones, Andrew Nash, Eric Sachs, Allen Tom


·         Charter: Oversee the technical Working Groups' progress and liase between them and the Adoption, Government, and Security Committees.

·         Chair: David Recordo

·         Co-chair: Dick Hardt, Joseph Smarr, or John Bradley

·         Members: John Bradley, Dick Hardt, Joseph Smarr, John Bradley, David Recordon


·         Charter: Oversee, protect, and develop the Foundation's bylaws and IP it is responsible for such as copyrights and trademarks World-wide.

·         Chair: Don Thibeau

·         Co-chair: David Recordon

·         Members: Mike Jones

International Outreach

·         Charter: Coordinate and support the work of OpenID communities primarily outside of North America. Collaborate with OpenID Europe<http://wiki.openid.net/OIDE-2010>.

·         Chair: Nat Sakimura

·         Co-chair: Robert Ott or Björn Woltermann

·         Members: Robert Ott, Bjorn Woltermann, Nat Sakimura, Henrick Beiring, Kick Willemse, Lorenzo Cassulo, Martin Paljak, Marcin Jagodzinski, Simon Josefsson, Zdravko Stoychev, John Bradley, Brian Kissel



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