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No objection at all - I think open would be better.


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> Any objection to putting this on our board open list versus board private
> Don Thibeau
> ------------------------------
> *From: * Drummond Reed <director at informationcard.net>
> *Date: *Fri, 15 Jan 2010 23:08:39 -0800
> *To: *Don Thibeau (OIDF ED)<don at oidf.org>; Brian Kissel<
> bkissel at janrain.com>
> *Cc: *<icf-board-private at googlegroups.com>; Scott David<
> scott.david at klgates.com>; Eric Sachs<esachs at google.com>
> *Subject: *OIDF Board Copy of Mirror Resolutions from ICF Board
> Don and Brian,
> As you know, the OpenID Foundation (OIDF) and the Information Card
> Foundation (ICF) have been collaborating since RSA in April 2009 on
> development of a certification program that would work for both of our
> respective technologies and communities. By September 2009, when we made our
> joint announcement of the Open Identity Solutions for Open Government
> initiative at Gov 2.0 in conjunction with the US GSA ICAM Subcommittee, our
> boards had determined that we should collaborate on creating a single
> program that would meet the requirements of the ICAM TFPAP (Trust Framework
> Provider Adoption Program). We also believed that taking an open market
> approach to this program could serve many other trust communities who need
> similar (but not identical) solutions.
> At the Internet Identity Workshop last November, our boards voted to create
> a Joint Steering Committee (JSC) to review the options and make a
> recommendation back to both boards before the holidays. On December 21 the
> JSC completed its work and voted unanimously to recommend that both boards
> pass a set of "mirror resolutions" calling for the creation of a new
> non-profit entity to serve in this trust framework provider role.
> These JSC resolutions are included below, together with a link to the
> public minutes of the ICF board meeting on January 8 at which they were
> approved. We thank you for participating in that meeting as our guests. As
> you know, the ICF board was not certain the JSC resolutions provided enough
> implementation guidance to be fully actionable, so they asked me to work
> with Don and Scott David of K&L Gates to create a second set of
> "implementation resolutions".
> These resolutions were approved unanimously in a special ICF board meeting
> today, which Don and Eric Sachs attended as our guests. Again I am including
> a copy below, together with a link to the public meeting minutes.
> I now convey both sets of mirror resolutions to you to ask for the OIDF
> board's approval at your meeting this coming Wednesday. On behalf of the ICF
> board, I thank you and your board for your collaboration with us in
> developing the Open Identity Framework model, and I look forward to
> implementing the Open Identity Exchange to realize the fruits of this
> collaboration and deliver an effective open market solution for open
> identity assurance.
> Regards,
> =Drummond
> ======================
> Drummond Reed
> Executive Director
> Information Card Foundation
> Approved by the ICF Board of Directors January 8 2010
> Minutes:
> https://wiki.informationcard.net/index.php/ICF_Board_Meeting_2010-01-08
>    1. That it is the sense of the joint committee that a response to the
>    U.S. government's request for collaboration on certification as a means to
>    facilitate adoption of open identity technologies by government relying
>    parties is consistent with the foundations’ respective missions, purposes,
>    and programs.
>    2. That leadership of the foundations and their respective board
>    members with respect to the government’s development of technical and policy
>    interoperability standards will have a positive impact on overall global
>    market adoption of open identity technologies.
>    3. That the overall identity ecosystem will benefit from the
>    availability of open identity technologies that support multiple
>    certification models (e.g., self certification, third party certification,
>    hybrid models, etc.), multiple trust framework provider choices, and
>    opportunities for additional innovation in the development, organization,
>    and operation of open identity technologies.
>    4. That it is the sense of the joint steering committee that a separate
>    and independent entity should be organized and operated for the purposes of
>    addressing the needs of the U.S. government, other public entities, and
>    other trust communities regarding the adoption of open identity technologies
>    through research and educational programs and initiatives and other types of
>    enablement under an open standards model. [This language is intended to
>    address the statutory requirements for exemption under section 501(c)(3).
>    It may be that the entity would qualify under 501(c)(6), but that might not
>    be consistent with other goals of the organization.]
>    5. That it is the sense of the joint steering committee that it would
>    be consistent with the missions, purposes, and programs of the respective
>    foundations, and also in their best interests, to provide a grant to assist
>    in financing the initial organization and operation of this entity that will
>    engage in activities that are consistent with and complementary to those of
>    the foundations.
>    6. That this new entity should be called the Open Identity Exchange
>    (OIX) to reflect that it represents an open market standards model for the
>    exchange of self-certification or third-party certification
>    metadata describing any participant in the open identity ecosystem.
>    7. That the OIX should be self-governing and self-sufficient, and that
>    it should have an arms-length relationship with the foundations with regard
>    to its legal structure, finances, and operations.
>    8. That the OIX should be organized and operated in a way that is
>    robust enough to support existing open identity technologies, but also
>    flexible enough to accommodate, cultivate, and incorporate new open identity
>    technologies.
>    9. That, in the process of identifying the entities and individuals
>    that can best help OIX to achieve its mission, purposes and programs,
>    companies and individuals that currently work with OIDF and ICF should be
>    provided an opportunity to opt-in to participate in the formation process.
> Approved by the ICF Board of Directors January 15 2010
> Minutes:
> https://wiki.informationcard.net/index.php/ICF_Board_Meeting_2010-01-15
>    1. That the Board acknowledges its prior receipt, consideration and
>    approval of the resolutions from the Joint Steering Committee ("JSC") that
>    was composed of representatives of the ICF and OIDF (the “JSC Resolution”);
>    2. That, as an additional mechanism for memorializing their further
>    coordination, the OIDF and ICF Boards are passing identical sets of
>    resolutions (identical other than with respect to conforming changes) (each
>    a “Mirror Resolution”) of which this is one;
>    3. That the Board desires, through this Mirror Resolution, to
>    supplement the recommendations of the JSC Resolution with additional
>    suggestions and guidance to inform the organization and operation of the new
>    entity (“Open Identity Exchange” or “OIX”) that will carry forward the
>    program described in the JSC Resolutions;
>    4. That the Board recommends that the board of OIX adopt a structure
>    and governance mechanisms that facilitate OIX establishing and maintaining
>    an orderly open identity services market that is transparent, scalable, and
>    based on open standards, while at the same time being as lightweight,
>    modular, and cost-effective as possible;
>    5. That the Board recommends that the OIX governance, organizational,
>    and membership model be as flexible as possible in order for OIX to best
>    serve the stakeholders of the open identity services market and to support
>    multiple fundraising options.
>    6. That the Board recommends that, in furtherance of the goal to create
>    and support an open identity services market that is responsive to market
>    forces while balancing the interests of all stakeholders, the board of OIX
>    follow a “phased” development strategy;
>    7. That the Board recommends that the first phase of this strategy be
>    focused primarily on meeting the U.S. government open identity assurance
>    requirements and timeline as a way of establishing an initial reference
>    trust framework in the identity market (the US ICAM TFPAP) because it is
>    based on broadly applicable identity assurance standards;
>    8. That the Board recommends that, in recognition of the importance of
>    the market in providing feedback to participants and driving innovation,
>    this first trust framework implementation be put in place as quickly as
>    possible, with the specific goal of enabling self-certification of the
>    initial identity providers to the US ICAM LOA 1 trust framework by 3 March
>    2009.
>    9. That the Board recommends that the second phase of this strategy be
>    focused on the expansion of OIX attention and support to include other trust
>    communities that have already committed to working with OIX (e.g., PBS and
>    NPR) in order to demonstrate that the broad identity market supported by OIX
>    can simultaneously serve multiple trust communities with differing
>    requirements and encourage innovation across all of them.
>    10. That, conditioned on the approval of the Mirror Resolution by the
>    OIDF Board, the Board commits to a grant to be made to OIX in two
>    installments: $25K initially, to be provided to OIX within 10 days of its
>    opening of a bank account or as soon thereafter as feasible, and another
>    $25K by the end of July 2010.
>    11. That it is the sense of Board that OIX and the identity market
>    would benefit if the current ICF Executive Director served as the Acting
>    Executive Director of OIX, and that the Board approves his participation in
>    OIX in that capacity.
>    12. That it is the recommendation to the OIDF Board that it permit its
>    Executive Director to serve as the Acting Chairman of the OIX board.
>    13. That K&L Gates LLP be retained initially by ICF and OIDF as legal
>    counsel for the limited purpose of forming OIX, and that once OIX is formed,
>    this retainer be terminated and that it be recommended to the OIX Board that
>    K&L Gates LLP be retained by the OIX board as legal counsel for OIX.
>    14. That the ICF Executive Director is authorized to work in close
>    collaboration with the OIDF and its Executive Director to undertake the
>    steps necessary to organize and operate OIX according to these resolutions.

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