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Sat Jan 16 15:48:50 UTC 2010

Indeed, and we were talking of something similar in Japan as well.

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On 2010/01/16, at 15:07, Chris Messina <chris.messina at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just want to add my support to this effort, if I haven't voiced it  
> already!
> Chris
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 5:12 AM, Marc Canter <marc at broadbandmechanics.com 
> > wrote:
> YES!
> This is the test lab/suite I asked for two years ago
> 'bout time
> right on!
> YES!
> On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 10:53 PM, David Recordon  
> <recordond at gmail.com> wrote:
> (bcc'd general@, please reply on the public board list)
> One of the consistent pieces of feedback we've received from
> developers is that it's difficult to correctly create a new OpenID
> Relying Party or Provider due to the lack of Foundation run
> interoperability tests that help developers understand if their
> implementation is correct.  While JanRain used to run a set of tests
> like this on OpenIDEnabled.com, they were taken offline almost a year
> ago.  The Foundation has already funded some development of
> http://test-id.net/, but it focuses largely on security driven tests.
> Facebook and Google are each interested in contributing $10,000 to the
> OpenID Foundation to develop an easy to use technical interoperability
> site for OpenID if the Foundation also contributes at least $10,000 to
> the effort, the following product specification is followed, the
> companies are able to collaboratively choose the contractor which will
> perform the development work, and the resulting software is released
> under an open source license (Apache).  We believe that the existence
> of this framework will be one of the highest leverage projects in both
> driving broad adoption of interoperable OpenID implementations and in
> increasing the overall quality of the open source OpenID libraries.
> A framework to add tests:
> Just as traditional unit tests are written, the software should
> support the ability to add additional tests for RPs and OPs at any
> time.  Each test should be a part of a given OpenID specification with
> the ability to group multiple tests together based on functionality.
> Some tests can be fully automated (i.e. discovery) and others will
> require human interaction (i.e. sign in).
> Built like developers think:
> Developers implementing OpenID think in broad strokes such as "can I
> sign in?" which the framework should be built around.  There should be
> two major groups of tests, one which exercises a Relying Party
> implementation and one which exercises a Provider.  Upon starting the
> test, the software should direct the developer through the steps which
> are needed to test their implementation in a logical order such as
> discovery, association, authentication, and verification.  An
> individual developer should not need to know to choose the "RP
> protects against association poisoning" test, but it should be done
> automatically.
> Supports multiple specifications:
> The framework should be extensible such that a developer can choose to
> test their support for individual extensions to the OpenID
> Authentication protocol.  It should include tests for AX, PAPE, and
> the User Experience extensions.  Ideally this framework could grow to
> support other protocols such as OAuth as well.
> Supports multiple environments:
> The framework should support multiple environments, with the ability
> to override DNS settings using the equivalent of a hosts file to
> switch between environments. A standard test framework would be an
> invaluable resource for RPs and OPs to test their QA environment prior
> to a production release.
> Results should be logged:
> The software should support recording the test results of a given RP
> or OP and sharing them publicly.  This could ultimately evolve into
> automated smoke testing of many different OPs and RPs.
> It looks nice:
> Yes, we might be software engineers but let's create something which
> is usable.  Matching the OpenID.net site design is a fine place to
> start.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> David and Eric (Sachs)
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