[OpenID board] Adoption: are we ready? (Was: Re: board Digest, Vol 37, Issue 10)

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On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 12:04 PM, Brian Kissel <bkissel at janrain.com> wrote:

>  Regardless of how we get the technologies to work with each other, from
> an adoption perspective it seems like we do need to have a clear and
> consistent message on how RPs and end users can leverage all the benefits of
> OpenID, OAuth, WRAP, Portable Contacts, SREG/AX, Activity Streams, etc. in a
> robust and reliable way.  Facebook has done a great job providing a turnkey
> solution for website operators and end users that provides benefits to both
> stakeholders.  The open standards-based alternatives need to offer similarly
> compelling functionality and ease of deployment/use to see increased success
> in the market.  What suggestions do folks have on how we achieve that?

I think that we need more demos and examples of how this stuff works —
whether we wire up openid.net or openweb.org as a demonstration of how this
stuff can be assembled, what Facebook has done better than most is:

1) lead by example
2) work with partners to demonstrate how far you can take integrations
3) supported their product and shown continuous, active development (even if
that means breaking things from time to time, it proves that they're at
least changing things!)
4) have done lots of worldwide outreach to foment community with Developer
5) have made the technology relevant to their audience: site and app
builders, hobbyists, publishers, etc
6) have communicated clearly and consistently the value of the technology

These pages are worth providing an OpenID.net answer to:


7) have provided overwhelming value that obviated the concern about someone
else "owning" the implementors' customers — instead the upside for new
customers was so great that it was worth the perceived loss of control.
8) have provided desktop, embedded, mobile, and web solutions
9) have provided user interface guidelines, recommendations, analytics, and
other tools to measure the success of an implementation
10) have kept the FB Connect in the news and have continued to roll out new
features, improvements, optimizations, and functionality

So. We have our work cut out for us.

Especially aligning all the things that the companies pushing the open
solutions have been rolling out that would make for great news stories.

Perhaps we should really just break up what would have been the
marketing at committee and create an adoption and press committees to
help make concrete
and divide up responsibilities for some of the things that need to happen in


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> As one of the authors of OAuth-WRAP let me just say that rewriting OpenID
> as a profile of WRAP is a bad idea, especially from a marketing and
> perception perspective.
> However, I do think that we need a way for RPs to access the user’s data
> via API, and some sort of WRAP integration does seem to make sense.
> Allen
> On 1/15/10 8:10 AM, "Chris Messina" <chris.messina at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 5:45 AM, daniel jacobson <fragment37 at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> While I'm not about to suggest that we wait for the "perfect" solution — I
> want to be conscious of the cred that could be burned if we decide, 3-6
> months from now, that really OpenID should be rewritten as a profile of
> OAuth WRAP (let's just say) and that adoption should really hinge on getting
> WRAP out the door and THEN promoting OpenID v.Next on top of it.
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