[OpenID board] OpenID Update: Orientation Briefing Feedback

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Thanks Don, I'll wait a bit to see how others respond before putting in my +1



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OIDF Board Members
Yesterday the new members of the OpenID Board of Directors received an orientation briefing on many of the plans and priorities we will discuss on our first meeting Jan 20th. While not an official meeting, the agenda previewed some of key issues the new board will consider as well as info for our budget development and committee process for 2010.  The relevant content from the orientation briefing will be updated and included as part of the background material for the teleconference on the 20th.

For your information:
One of the suggestions that came out of that discussion was a suggestion from Daniel Jacobson that the views of relying parties can be best represented by the addition of a liaison on the executive committee.  It was suggested that this new role be similar to that of the international and technical community liaison positions. These "non officer" positions are part of the executive committee by virtue of board convention established last year rather than OIDF by laws.

Board Action Item:
Please let me know if you are unable to make the teleconference on the 20th and, if desired, to whom you designate as your proxy.

Don Thibeau
don at OIDF.org
Executive Director
The OpenID Foundation

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