[OpenID board] EU Trademark and Domain Tansfers from Snorri

Robert Ott ott at jnet.ch
Tue Jan 5 07:49:53 UTC 2010

Hi Dave,

No, I had the same experience. I have met Jon Shamah from BBS (Norway) at Net-ID 2009. He told me that Snorri moved to the US begin of last year. It also state so at http://www.myspace.com/snorrigiorgetti (last login in July 2009).

May be there is a way to reach him via the blog http://snorrigiorgetti.com/blog/ (last entry mid December 2009).



On 05.01.2010, at 08:31, David Recordon wrote:

> Hey Robert,
> I'm happy to help spearhead this effort, along with Don, but honestly have been unable to reach Snorri in nearly nine months.  I even tried shooting him a SMS the last time I was in Europe.  Do you have more information than me?
> --David

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