[OpenID board] EU Trademark and Domain Tansfers from Snorri

Robert Ott ott at jnet.ch
Tue Jan 5 07:12:49 UTC 2010

Dear OIDF Board,

As we realized none of the EU nominees has been elected to the OIDF board. We decided on the last OpenID EU conference call that who ever gets elected will bring the EU Trademark and Domain problem again to the OIDF board. As EU is now not part of the board, I kindly request that the board takes initiatives to execute the transfer of the EU OpenID Trademarks and Domains transfers which still belong to Snorri in person.

As far as we know Snorri did state one day that he will transfer all OpenID related trademarks and Domains he owns to OIDF for 1$. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Not while he was a member of the OIDF board nor afterwards.

I think the issue is urgent in order to protect the intellectual property rights of OpenID.

Who of OIDF will take responsibility / be assigned to the task to contact Snorri and to execute the transfers? Could someone take that to the agenda of the next OIDF board meeting?


Robert, OpenID Switzerland

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