[OpenID board] EU Representation in OIDF

Robert Ott ott at jnet.ch
Tue Jan 5 07:12:44 UTC 2010

Thanks, Dave, for bringing the EU representation issue to the point.

As the election did not work out for EU, I think we do not have much possibilities to bring EU related topics to the OIDF board except by writing to this mailing list. I think if OIDF wants to allow more participation of EU in the board, OIDF has to create a foundation to do so. There are people in Europe (like Kick, Hendrik, Chris, Martin, etc.) that are willing to contribute.

Is there a way that an EU representative (e.g. Kick) can participate more closely with the OIDF board (attend board meetings, etc.)?  Could someone address this point at the next OIDF board meeting?


Robert, OpenID Switzerland

On 05.01.2010, at 04:14, openid-board-request at lists.openid.net wrote:
>> On 2010/01/05, at 8:54, David Recordon <recordond at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Has anyone thought about how we increase European representation on the
>> board?  In the beginning Martin Atkins was on the board with one goal of
>> being able to better represent Europe.  Last year Snorri was elected, but
>> unfortunately did not participate at all.  Kick is now really pushing
>> forward a lot of organization around OpenID in Europe and in order for us to
>> grow globally, we should find a way to include and support their efforts.
>> Any creative ideas around bringing good European representation onto the
>> board?
>> --David

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