[OpenID board] OIDF ED Update: OpenID.net Upgrade

Don Thibeau don at oidf.org
Mon Aug 30 18:42:33 UTC 2010

A long standing concern of the OpenID board and focus of this years'
Adoption Committee has been keeping www.openid.net current and informative.
This is to announce the launch of a beta program for a new blog / news
aggregation feature of the web site.  The goal is to host informative
discussions as a trustworthy source for OpenID adoption. We've begun an
inventory of relevant sources and will replace the government section on our
homepage. I will responsible for editorial calls and will be blogging on
behalf of the OIDF. Guest posts will be encouraged. We will be hiring a part
time contractor to moderate and manage the beta program until the end of the


One key success factor is curation or moderation. Those involved in last
year's website upgrade worked with Amanda Richardson. Amanda has solid
corporate technical customer support credentials and open source community
"chops." Her volunteer work on last years' web site upgrade was an important
part of that success. Amanda's role will be part coordinator, part content
"wrangler."  Our objective is not to be encyclopedic - harvesting everything
OpenID - rather we will featuring informed and value adding content. Many
board and community members generate this on a regular basis. Target content
is that which drives adoption especially for relying parties and
international venues.  After some operating experience we may integrate
software to help automate the process. Amanda will be reaching out to you
soon for feedback and suggestions for news feeds, blogs and other sources. 


The board's working philosophy; "the OIDF should do only what the foundation
can uniquely do" is reflected in this initiative.  Recent events, like press
requests for comments on "timing attacks" and a recognition that we need to
do more press and analyst briefings to support OpenID adoption points to the
need for more outreach.   This renewed is especially true of relying party
and international adoption. Improvements to the foundation's website are
part of several changes the EC has made as part of its Mid Year Review.  The
EC emphasized success metrics for the website as an outreach platform as
well as reprioritization of the Executive Director's time to more market
facing activities like this.  Thanks to Daniel Jacobson and Chris Messina
for helping lead this project. Watch this space.


Don Thibeau

 <http://openid.net/> http://openid.net




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