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Thanks for the info. Is there a OpenID summit in conjunction with  
European Identity Conference in May?

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On 2010/04/19, at 22:37, "Don Thibeau \(OIDF ED\)" <don at oidf.org> wrote:

> The 2010 Series of OpenID Summits are a key area of investment and  
> outreach for the OpenID Foundation.  The OpenID Summit in Chicago  
> pulled together a large and diverse group of relying parties who  
> benefitted not only from updates from identity providers but also  
> from discussions on a wide range of implementation issues.  As  
> Summit hosts, the Sears team made resources available for both those  
> onsite as well as teleconferencing with Google facilities in  
> Washington DC and California.  Much of the Adoption Committee’s budg 
> et plans and priorities were generated by discussions at the Chicago 
>  Summit.
> The recently concluded, OpenID Summit West, focused exclusively on  
> advancing the state of the core OpenID “product.”  The Technology Co 
> mmittee’s agenda deliberately linked the discussions of technology w 
> ith new working group action plans.  Co Hosts Microsoft and Google m 
> ade possible a much needed community analysis of development issues  
> that could be supported sustained by the ongoing support of the OIDF 
>  tech committee.
> Microsoft has agreed to host a one day OpenID Summit UK at the CP  
> Auditorium on the 8th June. The Summit will be sponsored by the  
> OIDF, at no/low cost and is not affiliated with the European e- 
> Identity Management Conference. The cloud and security oriented  
> European e-Identity Management Conference 2010 will be held in  
> London on 9-10 June 2010 at Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street. 100  
> Victoria Street, London.  It will feature federated identity and  
> discussions of trust frameworks, see http://eema.org/
> This is an important outreach opportunity for the foundation and a  
> chance for developers, identity providers and relying parties to  
> exchange information.   I encourage OIDF Sustaining and corporate  
> members commit early to presentations on the 8th and use this  
> opportunity to extend the adoption and technology committee  
> discussions to this venue.  To propose presentations and for further  
> information please contact John Bradley or myself:
> Don Thibeau
> don at OIDF.org
> Executive Director
> The OpenID Foundation
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