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Don Thibeau (OIDF ED) don at oidf.org
Mon Apr 19 13:37:51 UTC 2010

The 2010 Series of OpenID Summits are a key area of investment and outreach
for the OpenID Foundation.  The OpenID Summit in Chicago pulled together a
large and diverse group of relying parties who benefitted not only from
updates from identity providers but also from discussions on a wide range of
implementation issues.  As Summit hosts, the Sears team made resources
available for both those onsite as well as teleconferencing with Google
facilities in Washington DC and California.  Much of the Adoption
Committee's budget plans and priorities were generated by discussions at the
Chicago Summit.  


The recently concluded, OpenID Summit West, focused exclusively on advancing
the state of the core OpenID "product."  The Technology Committee's agenda
deliberately linked the discussions of technology with new working group
action plans.  Co Hosts Microsoft and Google made possible a much needed
community analysis of development issues that could be supported sustained
by the ongoing support of the OIDF tech committee.


Microsoft has agreed to host a one day OpenID Summit UK at the CP Auditorium
on the 8th June. The Summit will be sponsored by the OIDF, at no/low cost
and is not affiliated with the European e-Identity Management Conference.
The cloud and security oriented European e-Identity Management Conference
2010 will be held in London on 9-10 June 2010 at Cardinal Place, 100
Victoria Street. 100 Victoria Street, London.  It will feature federated
identity and discussions of trust frameworks, see  <http://eema.org/>


This is an important outreach opportunity for the foundation and a chance
for developers, identity providers and relying parties to exchange
information.   I encourage OIDF Sustaining and corporate members commit
early to presentations on the 8th and use this opportunity to extend the
adoption and technology committee discussions to this venue.  To propose
presentations and for further information please contact John Bradley or


Don Thibeau

don at OIDF.org

Executive Director

The OpenID Foundation

 <http://openid.net> http://openid.net


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