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Thanks Robert! This is great. :)

On 4/2/10, Robert Ott <ott at jnet.ch> wrote:
> Hello from OpenID Switzerland  (OpenID Local Chapter),
> I just want to share some information on what happened in the first quarter
> 2010 on the topic OpenID here in Switzerland.
> Geneva OpenID & OWASP Application Security Forum 2010
> We see that the term OpenID gets more and more a topic in Switzerland. We
> had a public OpenID and OWASP event called "Geneva Application Security
> Forum 2010" in Geneva, Switzerland on March 4th which was a huge success.
> See also at:
> -
> http://www.openid.ch/en/2010/03/praesentationsfolien-des-geneva-2010-openid-event/
> -
> http://www.citadelle-electronique.net/2010/03/geneva-application-security-forum-un.html
> We aimed to bring about 50-80 people together and we ended up (after
> increasing the conference room two times) with more than 250 registered
> people and more than 200 attending. We realized that there is a demand for
> people in the topics strong authentication in conjunction with OpenID /
> A big THANK-YOU to Sylvain Maret (Swiss French Area Delegate for OpenID
> Switzerland) and Antonio Fontes (OWASP Geneva Local Chapter) and many others
> for all the preparation work before, at, and after the event. We also thank
> Yubico which sponsored 200 YubiKey's (http://www.yubico.com) to deliver
> strong authentication OpenID capabilities with YubiKey's for ALL attending
> users.
> SuisseID goes OpenID
> It is also a pleasure to inform you that the project ‘SuisseID goes OpenID”
> of Clavid got accepted for funding by the SuisseID project jury in order to
> provide easy-to-use OpenID capability for SuisseID. SuisseID is the national
> e-ID of Switzerland launched on May 1st 2010.
> Every owner of a SuisseID is therefore capable to use OpenID with SuisseID.
> That gives direct access OpenID enabled sites using the strong
> authentication possibility of SuisseID. As a result, the SuisseID can be
> used for thousands of web sites already enabled for OpenID.
> Just one month before the actual SuisseID launch, Clavid’s OpenID service is
> already fully SuisseID enabled and therefore the first public online service
> supporting SuisseID.
> For additional information go to the Clavid web site at clavid.com/suisseid
> Videos on how to use SuisseID with OpenID are available at Vimeo
> What Swiss People Wish from OpenID
> We asked some people what they would expect from OpenID. Many of them stated
> that they wish that more BIG internet services would accept OpenID as
> relaying parties. Names such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, XING, etc. got
> especially named that they should allow users to use their OpenID to access
> such services. Many people do also not recognize that Facebook is already a
> BIG OpenID relying party because there is no 'Login with OpenID' button on
> the Facebook's login screen. If the OIDF could talk to responsible people at
> those companies and convince them about allowing OpenID based login to their
> services, I think many people would appreciate it.
> That's about it from Switzerland for the 1 quarter 2010
> Robert Ott, OpenID Switzerland

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