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John Ehrig jehrig at inventures.com
Fri Sep 25 22:21:18 UTC 2009

I believe we are following the proper procedures as outlined in Section
3.4 of the IPR Process doc, but please correct me if I have
misunderstood the process. 



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I'm a bit confused. Why is this being sent out to the membership for a
vote when the board hasn't yet approved it. I think Mike asked for a
copy of the latest documents a few days ago.


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	Hello David Recordon ,
	Voting will open on the following poll on 2009-10-16 -- please
register your vote before 2009-10-23.
	IPR Policy Update v1.5
	One of the most important responsibilities of the OpenID
Foundation is its stewardship of intellectual property; maintaining and
protecting OpenID technical protocols as they evolve.  We are asking the
community to vote on a revision to our IPR policy which provides
information regarding companies who are parts of larger holding
companies or other legal entities (aka "Bound Entities").  These are the
only recommended changes to the IPR policy at this time.  The updated
IPR document, with the draft changes 'tracked', can be viewed here:
	Available Choices:
	* Approve
	* Reject
	* Abstain
	You will receive another notice when the poll opens. Thank you
for your participation!
	The OpenID Foundation

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