[OpenID board] IIW and OIDF in-person board meeting

Allen Tom atom at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Sep 15 22:42:29 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Yahoo will be hosting an OpenID summit at our offices in Sunnyvale, the 
day before IIW on Monday Nov 2nd. We're just a couple miles away from 
the computer history museum.

I've been a bit swamped with a couple other things, but I'll try to have 
the invitations for the summit sent out in the next day or so.  All 
employees of OIDF corporate sponsors and board members are welcome to 
attend, as well anyone who has participated in an OpenID working group.


Mike Jones wrote:
> Second, during the last executive committee call, there was a consensus that we should have an in-person board meeting co-located with IIW.  Don, do we have a likely time for the board meeting so that we can begin to make travel reservations?  Are there other events that week that we should also add to our calendars?
> It if would be useful, Don, I could likely arrange for a conference room at the Microsoft campus around the corner from the Computer History Museum.  If you’re interested in this get back to me and I’ll set it up.

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