[OpenID board] IIW and OIDF in-person board meeting

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Sep 15 22:30:04 UTC 2009

First, a reminder for everyone to register for IIW today or tomorrow.  Early-bird registration ends tomorrow (Wednesday).

Second, during the last executive committee call, there was a consensus that we should have an in-person board meeting co-located with IIW.  Don, do we have a likely time for the board meeting so that we can begin to make travel reservations?  Are there other events that week that we should also add to our calendars?

It if would be useful, Don, I could likely arrange for a conference room at the Microsoft campus around the corner from the Computer History Museum.  If you’re interested in this get back to me and I’ll set it up.

                                                                -- Mike

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Subject: IIW Early Bird Ends tomorrow

We wanted to remind you that Early Bird Registration for IIW ends tomorrow.

Trying to get permission to attend...see resources we have to convince your boss....

Internet Identity Workshop 9

November 3-5 (Tuesday to Thursday)
in Mountain View California
at the Computer History Museum.

We are excited about all the developments in the industry with protocol evolution in the social web space AND larger and larger scale deployments of open identity technologies. Just last week the OpenID & Information Card Foundation announced a Government Pilot Project http://bit.ly/mJtTh

Trying to convince your boss to let you attend:

The books of proceedings/notes from the last two Internet Identity Workshops are a great way to sell the event.

You can see the list of attendees from last year here
and this year's registrants so far.

You can see proposed topics so far here - this will continue to grow.

Banners for your site:
We have all the logo's and HTML for you here. They are really beautiful. http://iiw.idcommons.net/Banners_iiw9

Special this year we have the "BIG" ticket for those can expense $1000 (but can't convince marketing to sponsor).  This is a GREAT way to support IIW!

We have low rates for early bird registration UNTIL SEPTEMBER 16 then prices go up
$274  regular tickets
$148 for independents
$50 for students

We need to get 75 people registered by September 16 to make a final confirmation for our conference space at the Computer History Museum.   All those who book early will get a special thanks.

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