[OpenID board] Vivek Kundra's remarks about the US Government identity initiative

Allen Tom atom at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Sep 10 19:30:06 UTC 2009

In the campground example, the government probably wants your email 
address so that they can send you a confirmation email, and also 
notifications about the reservation.

Also, for practical purposes, they'd probably need your name, and maybe 
even your postal address and phone number.

Chris Messina wrote:
> It also speaks to the fact that we're largely focused on L1 
> interactions, where this is little to no assurance about the identity 
> being authenticated. In such circumstance, the government really 
> doesn't need to know who you are to reserve a campsite for you — only 
> make it easier for you to manage your reservation by not forcing you 
> to create a throw-away account and password.

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