[OpenID board] Status of the OpenID Foundation Europe

Don Thibeau (OIDF ED) don at oidf.org
Wed Nov 25 13:51:08 UTC 2009

The OpenID Foundation has much work to do in Europe in 2010. 

I hope the board elections underway will increase our representation,
resources and expertise on several fronts WRT OpenID EU.
I plan to propose a 2010 OpenID Foundation EU committee to:
1. Review the analysis underway of our trademarks and brands 
2. Discuss EU membership outreach and organization 
3. Review EU budget plans and priorities.  

With that new committee's help and that of Henrik, Snorri and others, I plan
to propose the 2010 board sponsor a "OpenID Summit Europe" to occur around
the Burton Catalyst Europe, April 19-22 in Prague.  I have been invited to
speak at that conference http://www.catalyst.burtongroup.com/eu10/

Don Thibeau
don at OIDF.org
Executive Director
The OpenID Foundation

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Hi Snorri,
how are you doing? I have not heard anything from you for quite a long time.

Yesterday, I discovered that the openid.dk domain registered by OpenID
foundation Europe had expired and had been deactivated.
I have now managed to pay the invoice and get the domain reactivated.

However, I wonder about the situation of OpenID Europe Foundation in
general. You have done an impressive job of aquiring the European and
National Trademarks for OpenID as well as several national OpenID
domains on behalf of the EU foundation, and it would be sad to see the
result of these efforts vanish.

If there are no resources available to maintain OpenID Foundation
Europe, maybe it is appropriate to consider how this IPR may be
consolidated within the global OpenID Foundation (or alternatively at
the national levels).

Best Regards,
Henrik Biering
OpenID-DK representative

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