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Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
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It's a re-vote because the previous member vote failed to reach quorum.

                                                                -- Mike

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There seems to be a duplicate poll here.
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Hello David Recordon ,

Voting has opened on the following poll -- please register your vote before 2009-12-04.


Revised IPR Process Document

On October 7, 2009 the Board of Directors voted to revise the OIDF IPR
Process document. The revisions are primarily being made to help
streamline the formation of work groups. A vote of the full membership
is required to formally adopt the revised process. Marked and clean
versions of the revised process document are viewable here:

Thank you for your participation!

Available Choices:
* Approve
* Reject
* Abstain

Thank you for your participation!

The OpenID Foundation

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