[OpenID board] October 7, 2009 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed Nov 18 22:36:18 UTC 2009

October 7, 2009 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Andrew Nash
Mike Ozburn
Nat Sakimura
Brian Kissel
Allen Tom
Joseph Smarr
Eric Sachs
Gary Krall
David Recordon
Luke Shepard

Snorri Giorgetti
Chris Messina
Raj Mata
Nataraj Nagaratnam
Scott Kveton

John Ehrig, Global Inventures

1.       Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton's board membership was unanimously accepted, with Mike Ozburn as their board representative.  Following that, the board unanimously appointed Mike Ozburn as OIDF treasurer for the remainder of the year, with Raj Mata stepping down as treasurer due to additional responsibilities he's taken on at Yahoo!.  Mike Jones made both motions.   David Recordon seconded the first and Nat Sakimura seconded the second.

2.       Bylaws and IPR Documents
Drafts of the Bylaws and IPR Policy and Procedures documents were circulated over a week before the board call for review by member's legal teams.  The bylaws were so out of date as to not even reflect there being corporate members.

The bylaws as circulated by John Ehrig on September 29th were approved, with two changes:

  1.   In Section 5.2(b) (Community Directors) the text "Each Community Director must be a member of the corporation or an employee or consultant of a member of the corporation, and upon termination of such membership pursuant to Section 3.5 for any reason, the Community Director shall no longer be qualified to serve as a Community Director and shall be deemed to have immediately resigned" is replaced by the text "Each Community Director serves as an individual, with no employment criteria applying to his or her service as a Community Director".
  2.  The former section 5.15(b), allowing removal of a community director by membership vote was deleted, because the bylaws contained no similar procedure for sustaining directors.

Mike Jones moved to approve the revised bylaws as amended, with David Recordon seconding.

The IPR Process document changes as circulated by John Ehrig on September 29th were adopted unanimously, with the motion made by Mike Jones and seconded by Nat Sakimura.  These changes will now be submitted to a membership vote.  In discussion, the board decided not to adopt the unrelated changes to the IPR Policy document, which were also circulated, and to table any further work on accommodating members with complex corporate structures until a concrete need to do so arises.

3.       OpenID Summit
Yahoo will be hosting an OpenID Summit on Monday, November 2nd (the day before the Internet Identity Workshop).  A general invitation will be sent on Friday or Saturday, October 9th or 10th.  This is intended to be a working session for people who are actively implementing OpenID.

4.       Trust Frameworks and Certification
Some Information Card Foundation (ICF) members will be joining the summit to continue our joint work on Trust Frameworks and Certification.  We are pursuing an open market approach based on self-certification and open choice of auditors.  We are working to address liability issues in our trust framework work.  A legal review of our proposals will be presented at the summit.  The government has endorsed the three principles agreed to by our board and the ICF board:

  *   Self-certification
  *   Light weight as possible
  *   Credibility of process

Interest in identity and our trust framework within the US Government is increasing.  Don and others from the OIDF and the ICF briefed White House national security staff members on our identity efforts last week.  They also met with the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT).

We are working on joint drafts of trust framework whitepapers that incorporate a treatment of liability issues to be ready for review at the summit.  A progress report on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) pilot will be presented at the summit.  The GSA and CTO's office are actively looking for additional pilots, including level 2 and level 3 pilots.

US federal CIO Vivek Kundra wants to video-conference into either the summit or an appropriate IIW session.  We are also working on a date in November for him to visit the Bay Area.

5.       Vice-Chair Position
Brian Kissel moved and Mike Jones seconded that Nat Sakimura be appointed as Vice-Chair for the remainder of the year, as Scott Kveton had asked to be replaced.  The motion passed unanimously.

6.       Web Site Update
We continue updating the openid.net web site.  In particular, the membership section has recently been updated.

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