[OpenID board] Some comments about the OpenId Europe and local representatives

Andy Powell andy.powell at eduserv.org.uk
Thu Nov 5 10:45:25 UTC 2009

Here's my gut feeling on this...

I think there is a global OpenID community and on that basis the board needs global representation on it if possible.  I'm not convinced that trying to build sub-communities on a geographical basis makes much sense other than:

1)    to organise local events and so on, and

2)    to lobby national governments to adopt OpenID (in the way that the OpenID Foundation and Information Card Foundation have been doing in the US).

On that basis, I think that trying to build a European community is at the wrong level - it's too broad for both the events and the lobbying.  Building communities at a lower level might work...

However, I'm on the advisory board for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative which has tried to encourage national affiliates (primarily as a funding model) with associated national communities and in my experience it is very hard to get those national communities working properly - things either happen globally, or they don't happen at all.

Just my 2c (Euros!).

Hope this helps,


Andy Powell
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Dear members of the OpenId board,

I've been nominated in June 2009 as belgian OpenId representative, and I would like to share a few comments, at least about OpenId Europe

 *   the OpenId Europe website was last updated in June, to announce my 'nomination'; previous update was in December 2008. Does it really make sense to maintain that foundation? I have the feeling that it gives a bad image of OpenId, at least in Europe, which looks like a not very lively community
 *   I understand that being OpenId representative means that I should have a role towards my local community, and I already had some contacts for that; but shouldn't we also be some kind of relay between the foundation and the local communities? Shouldn't there be an top-down information flow? I'm of course following what's happening on the specs mailing list, but I must admit I don't feel what it's like to be part of the OpenId community... I renewed my membership to show my support, but don't really feel part of any real community, which I think is a bit sad

So I would propose two things: assess the real need for the OpenId Europe community, and put in place some communication flows from the board towards the local representatives, to give a sense of liveliness to this community.

Best regards

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