[OpenID board] Some comments about the OpenId Europe and local representatives

Jean-Noël Colin jn.colin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 09:52:08 UTC 2009

Dear members of the OpenId board,

I've been nominated in June 2009 as belgian OpenId representative, and  
I would like to share a few comments, at least about OpenId Europe
the OpenId Europe website was last updated in June, to announce my  
'nomination'; previous update was in December 2008. Does it really  
make sense to maintain that foundation? I have the feeling that it  
gives a bad image of OpenId, at least in Europe, which looks like a  
not very lively community
I understand that being OpenId representative means that I should have  
a role towards my local community, and I already had some contacts for  
that; but shouldn't we also be some kind of relay between the  
foundation and the local communities? Shouldn't there be an top-down  
information flow? I'm of course following what's happening on the  
specs mailing list, but I must admit I don't feel what it's like to be  
part of the OpenId community... I renewed my membership to show my  
support, but don't really feel part of any real community, which I  
think is a bit sad

So I would propose two things: assess the real need for the OpenId  
Europe community, and put in place some communication flows from the  
board towards the local representatives, to give a sense of liveliness  
to this community.

Best regards

Prof. Jean-Noël Colin
Faculty of Computer Science						Tel: +32 (0)81 725274
University of Namur								http://info.fundp.ac.be
Rue Grandgagnage 21							Skype: jn.colin
5000 Namur

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