[OpenID board] Motion: allow use of OpenID trademark on Google Code (part 1 of 2)

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Sat May 30 01:21:55 UTC 2009

Chris Messina wrote:
> To yours and Luke's question: the basic purpose here is to have one
> convenient place where people can *check out* OpenID libraries.
> OpenIDEnabled.com historically served that purpose, but it's hard to manage
> access and to maintain the site — and it's not well integrated with the
> OpenID.net site. Moving to Google Code wouldn't necessarily bring about
> tighter integration with OpenID.net, but at maintaining the site wouldn't
> require additional resources (the design of OpenIDEnabled.com leaves
> something to be desired, not to mention the conflict created by the RPX ads
> on the site — though of course we appreciated Janrain's hosting and
> contributions to the libraries!).
> Furthermore, rather than having all the work go on on the Google Code site,
> people could pick and choose where to host their projects, but we would
> simply provide a checkout from the Google Code site, again, making it easy
> to stay up to date with the latest libraries.
> This is the model that I've used with the OAuth libraries and it seems to
> have worked out okay:
> http://oauth.googlecode.com and http://oauth.net/code
> Does that make this clearer? I'm not interested in forcing people to use
> Google Code to work on the libraries, but I do want one consistent, easy to
> maintain place to get the libraries, where it's also possible to delegate
> access to various community members to help update and maintain the content.

It seems that github also satisfies all of the above requirements, with 
the advantage of making it easier to pull changes from the individual 
maintainer repositories due to github being designed with this in mind. 
Github also supports multiple repositories per account, so each library 
can have its own repository, maintainers, etc.

(I'm also a little confused as to what the advantage is of having "a 
central place to check out", given that the purpose of checking out is 
to contribute changes and changes will be contributed somewhere else. 
What is the purpose of checking out a working copy of repository other 
than the one you want to ultimately commit to?)

Both the PHP library and the Perl library I maintain are already on 
github. I'd be happy to have the libnet-openid-perl repository on my 
github account (apparentlymart) forked into the openid account on github 
as long as someone's going to commit to maintaining that fork.

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