[OpenID board] April 1, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed May 6 13:56:17 UTC 2009

April 1, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
David Recordon
Brian Kissel
Scott Kveton
Mike Jones
Raj Mata
Nat Sakimura

None Absent
No Visitors

1.       "Plumbing" Operations Status Progress
We're on track to getting the basics of running the foundation in hand.  Finances are still in transition as we change accounts but we have a good handle on the balances.  We are now able to pay bills.  Invoices have been sent to the existing sustaining members.  We have completed the paperwork to apply for the Directors and Officers insurance with three companies.  We are also applying to Errors & Omissions and General Liability insurance.  Input to the budget should be completed in the next week.  Don hopes to circulate a draft of the budget next week.

2.       Planning for RSA
We will be staffing a demo booth there.  We are meeting with a number of relevant parties at RSA, including government people.  We plan to try to have these meetings on Tuesday, if possible.  Brian suggested a F2F meeting for the board members who will be at RSA.  Don will follow up on who will be there by this time next week.  Brian suggested that Michael Graves can man the booth.  Brian should be able to be there, as well as David and Don.  Mike suggested that we demo new work, including PAPE, OAuth integration, and Pop-Ups.  David and others agreed.

3.       Retail Advisory Group
Brian reported that a number of OPs have signed up for the Retail Advisory Group but we are still trying to recruit relevant RPs.  We expect to have a webinar on this topic during the last week of April.

4.       Google Board Transitions
DeWitt is stepping down as Google's representative and Eric will be assuming this role.  Allen Tom has agreed to fill the open community board seat, should the board ask him to serve.  There will be a vote at the next upcoming board meeting.

5.       IDTBD Discussions
David believes that there are not public lists to join yet.  Don will let Brett McDowell know that it would be good for individuals to be able to participate in discussions about the organization.  Brett believes that this would be an ideal time to influence and define the relationship between IDTBD and the OIDF.  Raj made the point that, given that we only have Don for a finite time, that engaging with IDTBD could be a distraction, and that there's little downside to letting the organization form and possibly engaging later if it makes sense.  We acknowledged that there will likely be many members in common.  We decided that, as the most involved member, that if we're doing to do something with IDTBD, that Nat should make the case to the board before the board meeting in two weeks.

6.       Discussion on Key Success Factors
Don reported on discussions he had with Deepak Kamlani from Inventures about key success factors for organizations like ours.  Some of the thoughts are:  Committed leaders.  Demonstrate traction by use cases.  Metrics of adoption are Relying Parties.  Demonstrably involve international organizations.  We have to show that there's an evolution towards a "transactional" capability.  We have to have a proactive market presence.  We have to be perceived as a center of excellence.  We have to have distinct market positioning.  Clear value propositions for participation.  Focused mission.  People agreed.

Don talked wanting to reach out to leading Internet companies and broaden both our funding base and funding methods.  David wanted to also try to hold board members accountable to be active, and for us to behave like a startup.  Mike pointed out mature organizations work well because of their staff and their committees, not because the board members try to do everything.  Don responded that the foundation has made big bets on an ED and Inventures and that should pay substantial dividends in the maturity and functioning of the organization as we go forward.

Don finds it valuable to be spending substantial time with key board members now as part of his planning process.  He wants his budget and plan documents to be well-grounded and reality based.  The last of Don's board interviews will be available this week.  He is synchronizing his current draft budget and strategy documents with what he's learning in his board meetings.  His goal is to have a draft document by the next board meeting.  We agreed on the importance of prioritization, including both a list of things TO do, but just as importantly, a list of things NOT TO do.

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