[OpenID board] Change in Google representation to the board

DeWitt Clinton dewitt at google.com
Tue Mar 31 17:11:43 UTC 2009

 Fellow members of the Board,

As planned, Google is rotating our representative to the OpenID Foundation
board.  It has been a true pleasure and honor to work with the board over
the past year, and I'm happy to see how much we've grown and have been able
to accomplish in that time.  The successful community elections at the end
of 2008, the hiring of Don Thibeau, our significant investment in UX
research, our welcoming of Facebook and PayPal to the board, and the
community's tireless evangelism and continued development of OpenID all
stand out as highlights of the year for me.

Google's new representative is no stranger to you all. I'm pleased that Eric
Sachs has agreed to fill the position -- an obvious choice from our end, to
be sure -- and Eric will step down from his community-elected position to
make the transition.  As this creates an opening among the community seats,
I believe the bylaws stipulate the next-highest community vote recipient,
Allen Tom, will be invited to fill the community seat that Eric is
vacating.  Assuming Allen accepts the position, welcome!  And a personal
thank you to Eric, who, as everyone knows, has been a principal driving
force and leader within Google around OpenID for quite some time.

My interest in OpenID doesn't stop here, of course.  On the contrary, I
would like to offer my continued services in supporting the Foundation and
the community in a more focused capacity.  In particular, I would be happy
to assist the IPR Committee and the Trademark Committee in their efforts to
improve the framework under which the community operates and develops new

Again, thank you all for the opportunity to work with the OIDF in helping
create what I'm certain will be seen in years to come as one of the
watershed moments in creating a more open and more social web.

Best regards,

DeWitt Clinton
Google, Inc.
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