[OpenID board] OpenID on Google Code

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Mon Mar 30 21:40:36 UTC 2009

Will Norris wrote:
>> I don't really like the idea of having all of these things in one 
>> source code repository.
>> For one thing, it'll be difficult to give someone commit access to the 
>> python library without giving them commit access to the website, etc.
>> It also makes it easier to pull things out into git/svk/whatever 
>> repositories if they're split out.
>> Does Google Code support multiple repositories for a single project? 
>> If not, I would strongly encourage either making a separate project 
>> for each distinct library and the website or finding another solution.
> Sorry... I guess I didn't finish explaining about the libraries.  We're 
> starting with the PHP library only.  The code itself is housed at 
> github, and the Google Code project will be used for bug tracking and 
> releases.

Is there any reason not to just make openid-php for the PHP libraries, 
along with later openid-python, openid-java, etc?

This keeps the library development somewhat decentralized, which I think 
will be useful moving forward as maintainers change, etc. (It would be 
annoying if the Python library maintainer had to go through the board to 
get a new maintainer added to the project, for example.)

Even if it's just bug tracking, I don't really see the advantage of 
having the issues for the PHP library in the same tracker as the issues 
for the Python library, or indeed the OpenID website itself; that'll 
just make it harder to find the bugs that are of interest.

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