[OpenID board] OpenID on Google Code

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Mon Mar 30 21:20:03 UTC 2009

Will Norris wrote:
> A few of us in the community (myself, Chris Messina, David Recordon, 
> Brian Ellin, et al) have been working to get the OpenID project on 
> Google Code setup.  Right now it is in a reserved status to ensure that 
> no one other than the OpenID Foundation gets ahold of it.  I think 
> everything is ready to go at this point, we just need the green light 
> from the board.  Our immediate plans for the Google Code project are:
>   - house the source code for the openid.net website in a version 
> control system, both for transparency and security
>   - as Brian mentioned in this post[0] to the new OpenID Code mailing 
> list, JanRain has committed to moving their libraries (currently hosted 
> at openidenabled.com) to this new project space so that we have a single 
> home for all of the development.
>   - I don't actually recall if we discussed moving the content currently 
> housed at svn.openid.net to the new project space.  I assume that we 
> will at some point, but we can certainly wait on that if there is 
> objection or concern about that.
> Initially, we'd like to have the four of us (myself, Chris, David, and 
> Brian) set as admins for the Google Code project at least while we get 
> things setup.  This can certainly be adjusted down the road as necessary.
> Are there any objections to moving forward with this?

I don't really like the idea of having all of these things in one source 
code repository.

For one thing, it'll be difficult to give someone commit access to the 
python library without giving them commit access to the website, etc.

It also makes it easier to pull things out into git/svk/whatever 
repositories if they're split out.

Does Google Code support multiple repositories for a single project? If 
not, I would strongly encourage either making a separate project for 
each distinct library and the website or finding another solution.

Certainly I think it's very likely that the website and the libraries 
will be maintained by different people, and it also seems very likely 
that the libraries for each language will be maintained by different 
folks in future even if they aren't already. There's also the 
Net::OpenID libraries for Perl which currently live in a repository at 
Six Apart.

(As a historical note also has the original OpenID website in it which 
has been an annoyance to me since it comes along for the ride whenever I 
make a branch. I intend to delete the website it at some point. I'd hate 
to see the mistake of putting the website in the same repository as one 
of more of the libraries repeated.)

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