[OpenID board] March 18, 2009 OpenID Board Call Minutes

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Sun Mar 29 16:17:55 UTC 2009

March 18, 2009 OpenID Board Call Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
David Recordon
Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
Eric Sachs
Tony Nadalin
Brian Kissel
Scott Kveton
Chris Messina
Luke Shepard
Raj Mata
Gary Krall

Joseph Smarr
DeWitt Clinton
Snorri Giorgetti
Andrew Nash

John Montgomery, Global Inventures
Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures

1.       Global Inventures Overview
Global Inventures CEO Deepak Kamlani gave the board background on Global Inventures.  They provide support infrastructure for organizations and associations.  They have 25 clients at present.  They provide a professional backstop behind the volunteers running their client organizations.  Their services scale from small organizations to organizations with thousands of members. They have broad knowledge of best practices for making organizations effective.  They are currently working with Don and Raj on investigating directors' insurance and are performing "forensics and cleanup" to get the OIDF finances and databases to a known and consistent state.

[Luke, Raj, and Gary joined during the Global Inventures presentation.  After the presentation, the Global Inventures representatives left the call.]

2.       Executive Director Report
Don reminded the board that he had sent an executive directors' report to the board detailing his priorities and where he is investing his time.

3.       Report on Committees
Brian reported that he and Don are going through the list of committees at http://wiki.openid.net/Committees to try to ensure that they are accurate and up to date.  Brief discussions of the status of these committees ensued:

 *   Trademark:  Raj stepped down as Trademark committee chair and David agreed to chair the committee.
 *   Finance:  It was agreed that the finance committee is unnecessary.  It was unanimously dissolved.
 *   Bylaws:  Don agreed to chair this committee.  The board also decided that committees need not be chaired by board or staff members, although in some cases, it will make sense.
 *   Marketing:  The committee is co-chaired by Brian and David.
 *   Membership:  It was agreed to dissolve this committee in favor of Don driving membership.
 *   IPR:  David chairs this committee, which is currently active.
 *   Elections:  Having achieved the board election, it was agreed that this committee is not needed at present.  Don and others will continue to drive voting infrastructure as needed.
 *   Search/Hiring:  Having hired Don, we agreed that this committee is not needed at present.
 *   Customer Research:  It was agreed to merge the customer research committee into the marketing committee.
 *   Security:  Eric agreed to own finding an appropriate chair for this committee, including possibly chairing it himself.  This committee is intended to produce security best practices recommendations.
 *   Specifications Council:  Although this committee has no chair, in practice, David is coordinating the activities of this committee.
 *   Usability Committee:  It was agreed that we will create a usability committee and recruit a chair and participants.

4.       Procedures for creating Working Groups
An ad-hoc discussion of the procedures for creating working groups ensued.  Nat reminded us that the board has already approved 4 proposed IPR procedure changes.  Approval of these by the membership is blocked pending voting software updates that are currently under way.  Allen Tom has also proposed a change that would enable the Specifications Council to authorize creation of a working group without a member vote.  David advocated that we take a holistic view of the procedures and see what improvements can and should be made overall.  Mike stated the lawyers need to be involved in this discussion, and that this activity should be conducted by the IPR committee.  Don agreed to coordinate setting up a day for people to work on this.

[Chris left the call.]

5.       Treasurer's Report
We expect to have an accurate assessment of our current financial status by the next board call.

6.       Government Segment Report
David reports that discussions are occurring with US government identity experts, including NIST.  There is a joint discussion occurring including Brett McDowell of the Liberty Alliance.

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