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Just a reminder that the coordinators of the Internet Identity Workshop are
trying to get 75 people registered by April 1 (one week), and they are only
about 1/3 of the way there.  Historically the OpenID board has met at this
conference, and it has also been a good chance for members of the OpenID
community to meet.  I'd like to suggest that someone on the board add a post
to the OpenID blog mentioning this event to try to get word out.  I am also
going to send mail directly to the general OpenID & OAuth mailing lists.
 Yesterday I posted<http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/2009/03/why-googlers-attend-internet-identity.html>
this at the Google Security blog and earlier this month Mike Jones also
posted <http://self-issued.info/?p=114> (http://self-issued.info/?p=114)
about it.

Here are details about the event:

May 18-20th in Mountain View California

We lowered the price from last year until April 1 (that is in a week) and
need to get 75 folks registered by that date.
It is $50 less for independents and $75 for corporate folks - this is then
the regular price from last year.

We have a beautiful new website with all the information about the

So what do we do at IIW's? People from a diverse range of projects dive in
and get work done.  Lots of different groups come together and use the face
time to sync their work with others - learn what is happening and solve
problems.  You can ask the folks on this list who have attended what they
have gotten out of the event.  I included a list of projects that have
people there and get work done - it is kind of amazing.

The thing that links all the work together at this workshop is is this
notion of "user-centricity" or "user-driven services". Technically how
people can manage their own identity and data and relationship information
across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations.

We also as a community understand this is not just technical - there are a
bunch of social and legal issues that aries too and we try to address them.
For this particular conference we are going to also focus some attention on
what are business models are that can make this ecology of web services

The heart of the workshop is a practical idealism in working towards the
shared vision of a decentralized, user-oriented identity layer for the

You can learn more about the workshop on our "about page
You can see all the topics covered last time -

Anyone attending can host a session - we begin making the agenda live at 1pm
on Monday and do it again both Tuesday and Wednesday morning

Here is the registration PAGE

You can see a list of proposed topics here - you can add more too....

I have a post about what is different -
there are several things including the SCHEDULE - we are starting at 9am on

Blog about us on your website - use the badges

If you have gotten a lot out of IIW and or are really looking forward we
want to hear why and will post it on our blog.
Eric Sachs from Google just did a post....

THANK YOU TO our sponsors to date - sponsorship spots are still avaliable.
* Microsoft
* Plaxo
* Google
* Information Card Foundation

STUFF IN THE MIX AT IIW! (these are all in the sidebar on our website/blog)
 Open Standards

    * OpenID
    * OAuth
    * Open Social
    * Portable Contacts
    * Activity Streams
    * OASIS XRD (eXtensible Resource Descriptor)
    * OASIS XRI (eXtensible Resource Identifier)
    * OASIS XDI (XRI Data Interchange)
    * SAML
    * Liberty Alliance ID-WSF
    * WS-Trust
    * DiSoDistributed Social Networking Project

Standards Interop

    * OSIS (Open Source Identity Systems)
    * Concordia

Major Information Card Projects

    * The Pamela Project Relying Party Code
    * Higgins Project
    * CardSpace
    * Bandit
    * XMLDAP (The first Java Information Card library) Relying Party Code
and Security Token Server code

Browser Based Card Selectors

    * Higgins Project (offers both browser-based and native card selectors)
    * openinfocard

Multi-Protocol Open Source Projects

    * Higgins Project (supports Information Cards, OpenID, SAML, XRI, XDI)
    * Shibboleth
    * CAS (Central Authentication Service) project (supports OpenID, SAML,
prototype Information Card support)
    * Bandit
    * OpenSSO (supports SAML, Liberty ID-FF/ID-WSF, WS-Federation,
Information Cards, OpenID)

Industry Consortia

    * Identity Commons
    * Liberty Alliance
    * OASIS ID Trust
    * ITU-T Focus Group on IdM and subsequent activity.

Groups Addressing Legal/Social/Business Issues

    * DataPortability Project
    * ID-LegalWorkingn group at Identity Commons
    * Kids Online Working group at Identity Commons
    * UserCentric Health Working group at Identity Commons
    * Project VRM
    * Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Framework
    * Liberty Alliance Identity Governance Framewo
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