[OpenID board] March 4, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 24 16:38:02 UTC 2009

March 4, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

Brian Kissel
Raj Mata
Scott Kveton
David Recordon
Nat Sakimura
Don Thibeau
Mike Jones

None Absent
No Visitors

1.       Transfer of some records and responsibilities to Inventures
Don reported that he's working on transferring foundation infrastructure elements where we don't have unique requirements, such as conference call facilities, legal, accounting, and insurance to Inventures.  He plans to prepare a report on current status and proposed action plan for this work for the full board in two weeks.

2.       Potential new corporate members
Brian reported that additional corporate members are considering joining, and are looking for criteria from the Foundation about what benefits accrue to members at different membership levels.

3.       Retail advisory committee
Brian sent an invitation to 25 potential members of a retail advisory committee.  It is in the process of being formed.  Several core members have already express their interest in participation.   Some committee members expressed concern over invitation to participate being sent privately, rather than via a public forum; others felt that that was a realistic and appropriate decision.

4.       Working group formation process
Nat's proposed changes were approved in principle but exact wording changes to the doc are still needed.  We're working with Refresh Media on minor changes to enable proxy voting without necessarily putting full support it in our voting tool.  Some aspects of proxy voting are likely to be manual, requiring involvement of the Executive Director.  We agreed that Don should become involved in driving completion of this work.

5.       An update was given about two potential new board members who want changes to the "related entities" language in the IPR policy
There's a proposal on the table to recognize that subsidiaries can typically not bind their parent corporations, but to still allow IPR contributors to suspend their patent promise towards the subsidiary and related entities if any of the related entities assert claims against OpenID implementers.

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