[OpenID board] Fwd: [OpenID Foundation] New Poll Opened

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 20:10:31 UTC 2009

David Recordon wrote:
> Hey Brett,
> There is a 14-day discussion period once the Specs Council has approved 
> the WG which occurs on the specs at openid.net <mailto:specs at openid.net> 
> mailing list.  There was also a discussion on the same list leading up 
> to the Specs Council vote on the proposal.
> I think everyone agrees that there are other user 
> interface improvements to be made, though pop-ups are a good starting 
> point.  I think we should address this once the working group is created 
> and see if there is consensus there to rename the specification being 
> produced.

Once again I find myself wondering why there is a vote to create a 
working group. This is especially perplexing in this case where you seem 
to be suggesting that after the group is formed it might decide to 
change its scope.

Why can't we just let working groups be created and do their work and 
then do the vote on the finished specification itself rather than on the 
plan to create one?

All the current setup seems to achieve is that folks do most of the work 
in other forums like the "step2" mailing list where the OpenID community 
can't necessarily see it, and then they just go through the motions to 
create the working group after most of the work has already been done. 
This seems counter-productive.

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