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> FYI http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseContent.aspx?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-17-2009/0005045549&EDATE=
> Kantara Initiative Reshapes Global Identity Landscape Based on  
> Industry-Wide Collaboration, Announces Initial Focus Areas
> Representatives from Internet Society and Oracle elected to  
> leadership positions as growing membership base works to bridge  
> identity technologies, initiatives and organizations
> WASHINGTON, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly 45 organizations from the  
> global identity and Internet communities today announced the launch  
> of Kantara Initiative, a new organization formed to solve the  
> harmonization and interoperability challenges that currently exist  
> among identity-enabled enterprise, Web 2.0 and Web-based  
> applications and services. Kantara Initiative has been founded to  
> collaboratively foster the innovation required for broad adoption of  
> interoperable identity-enabled solutions across industries, regions  
> and fixed and mobile networks. As of today's launch, nearly 20  
> initial work and discussion groups have been proposed by the growing  
> Kantara Initiative community. Kantara Initiative will hold a public  
> webcast to overview the new organization on Wednesday, June, 24 at  
> 8:00am US PT (3:00pm UTC).
> The launch of Kantara Initiative comes after a year of strategic  
> planning involving stakeholders representing the entire identity  
> ecosystem. This planning focused on how to best move the industry  
> forward as the enterprise identity landscape continues to evolve and  
> use of social networking and Web 2.0 applications rapidly  
> proliferates, with growing interaction between these three markets  
> driving new use cases and identity requirements. With zero barriers  
> to participation and founding principles based on transparency,  
> inclusion, empowerment, innovation, collaboration and openness,  
> members of the community are leveraging the successes and  
> experiences of each other to drive holistic, interoperable and  
> trusted identity solutions into the global marketplace.
> "The identity product and service market grows more complex every  
> month, and as the market gets more moving parts, there are more and  
> more requirements for all those parts to work together. The parts  
> aren't going to work together unless the part makers work together  
> -- and that's why today's announcement is important," said Bob  
> Blakley, principal analyst, The Burton Group. "The Kantara  
> Initiative is helping to bridge identity initiatives and  
> organizations, which can help set the stage for better collaboration  
> in the global identity sector."
> Board of Trustees and Leadership Council - Fostering Innovation and  
> Collaboration Based on a Bicameral Governance Model
> The Kantara Initiative has been established based on a bicameral  
> governance model where the Board of Trustees and Leadership Council  
> work hand-in-hand as peers in steering the direction of the  
> organization. The bicameral model ensures that all members and  
> participants can have a voice within Kantara Initiative.
> With today's news, Roger Sullivan, vice president Oracle Identity  
> Management, has been elected president of the 2009 Kantara  
> Initiative Board of Trustees and J. Trent Adams, outreach  
> specialist, trust & identity, Internet Society, has been elected  
> chair of the Leadership Council. Initial Board of Trustee members  
> include AOL, BT, CA, Intel, Internet Society, Fidelity Investments,  
> Novell, NRI, NTT, Oracle, PayPal and Sun Microsystems.  
> Representatives from Intel and the New Zealand government have  
> Leadership Council seats on the Board of Trustees.
> According to Sullivan, "The problems the global identity industry  
> faces today are not just about technology, but rather a combination  
> of business policy and privacy requirements, balanced against  
> interoperability, usability, as well as technology harmonization.  
> All of these issues need to be addressed for identity-enabled  
> solutions to succeed and for deployers to leverage their benefits.  
> Kantara Initiative is uniquely positioned to address these needs."
> A Holistic View - Technology, Policy and Proven Interoperability
> The Kantara Initiative structure has been designed to foster the  
> development of new identity-related technology and policy  
> initiatives from initial proof-of-concept and incubation, to go-to- 
> market and long-term adoption strategies. Existing projects moving  
> into Kantara Initiative will benefit from additional community input  
> which will include identifying new use cases, support for adding  
> functionality, and opportunities for proving interoperability with  
> other projects, initiatives and technologies.
> All output from Kantara Initiative will be based on open standards  
> with the goal of ensuring end user convenience, security and  
> privacy. A commitment to open standards means the Kantara Initiative  
> community will collaborate on projects that make use of all of the  
> identity frameworks, protocols and specifications in the marketplace  
> today. This means solutions could be built based on one or a  
> combination of several IAF, ID-WSF, IGF, Information Card, OAuth,  
> OpenID SAML 2.0, WS-*, XACML and XDI standards.
> Focus Spanning Identity Initiatives - Nearly 20 Work and Discussion  
> Groups in Progress Today
> The Kantara Initiative name, which is Swahili for "bridge" and has  
> Arabic roots in "harmony," was announced at the April 2009 RSA  
> Conference and since then members of the identity community have  
> proposed nearly 20 initial work and discussion groups. All groups  
> are open to every Kantara Initiative member as well as to the  
> public, and anyone can suggest a new group to the Leadership Council  
> at any time. Groups are formed by members and participants to  
> address common issues and problems related to specific industries.
> Proposed groups, which are being approved on an ongoing basis by the  
> Leadership Council, include Concordia Use Cases, eGovernment,  
> Federated Identity Model Agreement & Commentary (FIMAC), Health  
> Identity and Assurance, Identity Assurance and Accreditation,  
> Identity Provider Selection, Identity Theft Prevention, ID-WSF  
> Evolution (OAuth Extensions), Japan, Multi-Protocol Identity  
> Selector, Multi-Protocol Relying Party Deployment, Privacy and  
> Public Policy, Telecommunications Identity, User Driven Information  
> Technology and Volunteered Personal Information (VPI). A list of all  
> of the groups in progress is available at http://kantarainitiative.org/wordpress/?page_id=6
> "It's clear that Kantara Initiative brings together the right mix of  
> collaborators to help shepherd the next generation of identity  
> solutions. Specifically, our goal is to facilitate the development  
> of solutions that are interoperable, secure and privacy-respecting.  
> And importantly, the work is being done in an open and transparent  
> fashion," said Adams. "Collaboration between identity communities  
> and initiatives within Kantara Initiative will lead to more trusted  
> identity-enabled applications and services. This fits squarely into  
> the Internet Society vision of an Internet Ecosystem where the  
> continued development and adoption of Internet technologies includes  
> a broad range of participants with dispersed ownership and control."
> About Kantara Initiative
> Kantara Initiative has been formed by Concordia Project,  
> DataPortablity Project, Information Card Foundation, Internet  
> Society, Liberty Alliance, OpenLiberty.org and XDI.org. The Kantara  
> Initiative membership structure is unique in that it has been  
> organized to ensure that there are zero barriers to participation.  
> Membership levels allow for maximum industry-wide participation and  
> include Participant, Member and Trustee categories, which  
> individuals and organizations join depending on the size of the  
> organization and type of desired participation. The Kantara  
> Initiative membership structure, levels, fees and governance model  
> are outlined at http://kantarainitiative.org/wordpress/?page_id=8 .  
> A complete membership and chair list is available athttp://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/GI/Current+Members 
> .
> About the June 24 Kantara Initiative Public Webcast
> Hosted by Brett McDowell, executive director, Kantara Initiative,  
> Roger Sullivan and J.Trent Adams, the public webcast, Kantara  
> Initiative, Shaping the Future of Digital Identity, takes place on  
> Wednesday, June, 24 at 8:00am US PT. The one-hour event will provide  
> participants with an overview of Kantara Initiative including a  
> review of goals, structure and opportunities for all members of the  
> global identity community to participate in the organization.  
> Registration and more information is available at http://tinyurl.com/nsw3n5
>     Follow Kantara Initiative (#Kantara) on Twitter:
>    http://twitter.com/KantaraNews
>     Follow Kantara Initiative on YouTube:
>    http://www.youtube.com/user/KantaraInitiative
>     Follow Kantara Initiative on Flickr:
>    http://www.flickr.com/photos/kantarainitiative/
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>    http://www.slideshare.net/kantarainitiative
>     Follow the Kantara Initiative Blog:
>    http://kantarainitiative.org/wordpress/?page_id=29
>     CONTACT:
>     Russ DeVeau
>     Kantara Initiative
>     www.kantarainitiative.org
>     Mobile: 908-251-1549
>     Office - 954-530-2850
>     russd at projectliberty.org
>     russdeveau at comcast.net
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