[OpenID board] May 27, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes

David Recordon david at sixapart.com
Wed Jun 10 23:46:46 UTC 2009

And as some progress on security best practices, Allen Tom and Andrew  
Arnott published http://wiki.openid.net/OpenID-Security-Best-Practices  
this week which has started a good discussion on the security mailing  


On Jun 10, 2009, at 4:34 PM, Mike Jones wrote:

> May 27, 2009 OpenID Executive Committee Call Minutes
> Attendees:
> Don Thibeau, Executive Director
> David Recordon
> Brian Kissel
> Mike Jones
> Raj Mata
> Absent:
> Scott Kveton
> Nat Sakimura
> Visitors:
> John Ehrig, Global Inventures
> 1.       Legal Update
> Don remains on track to update our IPR policies and procedures and  
> bylaws by the end of June.  These updates will include changes made  
> in response to requests by two major companies with complex  
> ownership structures who are interested in joining the board.  Don  
> and Global Inventures are working on building a complete archive of  
> the IPR declarations we’ve received thus far and procedures for  
> adding new ones as they come in.
> The OIDF will be retaining a lawyer to act as general counsel,  
> rather than continuing to rely on Microsoft funding free legal work  
> for the OIDF.
> 2.       Whitepapers
> The foundation plans to work with the security committee on  
> publishing a whitepaper on best security and usability practices.   
> Andrew Nash is chairing the security committee and will be working  
> on the security aspects of the whitepaper.  Other best practices and  
> forward-looking whitepapers are anticipated.
> 3.       Internet Identity Workshop
> We partnered with the Information Card Foundation in buying a dinner  
> for the IIW participants.  We believe that that was a good  
> investment in demonstrating cooperation and building goodwill among  
> the identity community.
> 4.       Strategic Use of Funds for Special Projects
> Don is soliciting input for a short list of projects such as  
> whitepapers and interop tests that we want to fund.  Having John  
> Bradley develop additional security-focused interop tests and  
> ensuring that major implementations have run those tests is one  
> project on the radar.  Another is a joint whitepaper with the ICF on  
> the value of having an active client to manage people’s identity  
> interactions.  David asked how we can reach out to the community to  
> elicit their participation in these efforts as well.
> 5.       IBM Representative Change
> Nataraj (Raj) Nagaratnam will be replacing Tony Nadalin as the IBM  
> board representative at the end of the month.
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