[OpenID board] Getting Membership Management Under Control

Eddy Nigg (StartCom Ltd.) eddy_nigg at startcom.org
Wed Jun 3 00:40:03 UTC 2009

On 06/03/2009 03:12 AM, Chris Messina:
> There are seven membership levels:

I pinged you directly since I have no intention to disclose it at this 
forum publicly, but it's a for-profit Organization.

> I'm not sure when or how these benefits were developed, but I agree 
> that as they've not been kept, they should be removed from the 
> membership benefits.

As  they have not been kept to corporate members, what would you suggest 
to compensate them? What would be the added benefits for corporation 
members in your opinion should those benefits be removed? I can't see 
beyond the once I listed. Why should an organization pay more per vote?

(Besides that, I believe that OIF doesn't need the money from its 
foundation members really. Incidentally, as an organization we paid a 
higher fee than those of the sustaining member on a per employee basis. 
Not that it matters, it's just an interesting fact ;-) )

> The Foundation should be a steward of the technology, promoting 
> adoption of the technology, but not necessarily endorsing any one 
> vendor over another.

Well, I believe endorsement happened long time ago.

>>     I'd love to see something like djangopeople.net
>>     <http://djangopeople.net> set up for the OpenID community,  but
>>     as Luke said, resources have been the major limiting factor there.
>     With a 350K US$ budged? You must be joking....or priorities are
>     maybe wrong, not sure...
> I'm not sure where all the sponsorship money has gone, but that's why 
> we have an executive director to tell us how the foundation money has 
> been spent!

It's good to ask publicly once in a while... I remember that from last 
year :-)

> You mentioned asking for a specific thing or benefit for a long time 
> that you've still not received. Do you just mean that StartCom hasn't 
> been promoted on the website?

You know what - I'd say "promotion" would be a rather strong word....an 
overkill. But I certainly expected to see a listing of all proud 
foundation members (corporate first, individuals after) at some point. 
At least for those who want it (there is a flag in the membership 
profile which one can activate, so this has been though up at some 
point). I also liked to see the StartSSL provider be listed at the "Get 
OpenID" page perhaps...

Everything beyond would have been beyond our expectations.

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