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Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
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On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 4:27 PM, Eddy Nigg (StartCom Ltd.) <
eddy_nigg at startcom.org> wrote:

>  Hi Chris,
> On 06/03/2009 02:03 AM, Chris Messina:
>  Are you a corporate foundation member?
> Would I complain otherwise...?  ;-)
>  If so, what level member are you?
> Huuu? I'm not aware of any levels, only two different membership types,
> e.g. Individual or Company/Organizational as per
> https://openid.net/foundation/members/members

There are seven membership levels:

   - Individual - $25
   - Non-Profit Organization - $100
   - Organization with 1 - 25 Employees - $500
   - Organization with 26 - 100 Employees - $1500
   - Organization with 101 - 250 Employees - $2500
   - Organization with 251 - 1000 Employees - $5000
   - Organization with More Than 1000 Employees - $10000

> However not having any promotional materials and going efforts doesn't make
> it any better, the shortcoming remains the same. Press releases (it's blog
> style these days) aren't made with the corporate members included as
> promised. Issuing no press releases anymore reduces this benefit to hot air
> at best. It's an empty promise. (We promise to include your company name in
> press releases - just we don't make any PRs)

I'm not sure when or how these benefits were developed, but I agree that as
they've not been kept, they should be removed from the membership benefits.
The Foundation should be a steward of the technology, promoting adoption of
the technology, but not necessarily endorsing any one vendor over another.

Of course, there's the balance to seek between being arcane and cryptic by
avoiding mentioning any OPs or RPs and thereby forcing people to look
elsewhere for representative examples of OpenID providers. Hopefully as we
rework the website, this will become less of an issue.

>  I'd love to see something like djangopeople.net set up for the OpenID
> community,  but as Luke said, resources have been the major limiting factor
> there.
> With a 350K US$ budged? You must be joking....or priorities are maybe
> wrong, not sure...

I'm not sure where all the sponsorship money has gone, but that's why we
have an executive director to tell us how the foundation money has been

>  Can you articulate your cause for the benefit of those unfamiliar with
> it?
> Not sure what your question is exactly. But obviously I fail to understand
> which benefit a corporate member should have received during the course of
> one year when comparing to individual membership. See the differences
> yourself here:
> https://openid.net/foundation/members/members

You mentioned asking for a specific thing or benefit for a long time that
you've still not received. Do you just mean that StartCom hasn't been
promoted on the website?

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