[OpenID board] Motion: allow use of OpenID trademark on Google Code (part 1 of 2)

Johannes Ernst jernst at netmesh.us
Mon Jun 1 15:38:55 UTC 2009

> On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Johannes Ernst <jernst at netmesh.us>  
> wrote:
> We had this discussion before and it lead to the Apache incubator  
> named Heraldry. Admittedly that one failed, but I don't think it was  
> because of the name ;-)
> If it wasn't the name, can you describe why it failed. I've heard of  
> Heraldry, but am not familiar with its structure or fate.

The idea was to incubate within the Apache Software Foundation an open- 
source project developing OpenID-related functionality. Libraries were  
donated into it, and an entire OpenID provider was donated into it.  
There was broad support from all parts of the OpenID community. We  
figured being associated with the ASF would not be a bad idea, and the  
Apache license sounded good, too.

The incubation process failed because basically nobody "did anything"  
in terms of writing code.

> I am curious how you think that the foundation should best go about  
> creating or facilitating the creation of the circumstances that  
> would lead to world-class open source OpenID libraries being  
> developed.
> I haven't heard alternative proposals, but I have received some  
> negative feedback towards my proposals, and yet the libraries are  
> still not writing themselves.

Well, from what I can see the openid4java project has some traction.  
It is my understanding that code from that project has been  
incorporated into some large-scale commercial offerings. It's a small  
community but it is active and has been for a while. So they are doing  
something right. Perhaps one could attempt to broaden that project  
beyond Java?

I think a similar question needs to be asked about commercial/ 
proprietary implementations. There aren't a whole lot of those either.  
I would stipulate that it is for the same reason.

Now stop me because I'm about the speculate why that is. ;-) But that  
wasn't your question.



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