[OpenID board] Perception of the Foundation (Was: Fwd: [OpenID] Google's proprietary discovery extension?)

Santosh Rajan santrajan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 00:30:28 UTC 2009

Allen I think you missed a major point here. 
It is nice to know about Yahoo's work. Other coorporates have also done a
lot of work, like Google, Facebook etc.

But what about the independent community members? Nothing!! Or atleast I
haven't seen any work coming from then.

I think in Open Communities the most important contributions must come from
the independant members and not the coorporate members. Independent members
are not "boxed in" by coorporate objectives.

Corporate members are focussed by their companies. Independent individuals
need community leadership, otherwise they will end up running around like
headless chicken. Which is more or less what is happenning now.

Allen Tom-2 wrote:
> Hi all,
> Yahoo is very heavily invested in OpenID and we have a bunch of 
> engineers and designers currently working on enhancements to our OpenID 
> service.  Earlier this year, we worked with the community to write the 
> OpenID UI and OAuth/Hybrid Extensions, and the Yahoo OP will be 
> implementing both of these extensions in the very near future.
> In addition to protocol enhancements, we have a crack team of UI/Product 
> designers and researchers who are actively experimenting with ways to 
> improve the overall usability of our OpenID service. We'll be deploying 
> many significant upgrades to the Yahoo OpenID Provider's user interface 
> later this year. The new OpenID UI, along with support for the UI and 
> Hybrid Extensions, and our soon to be released support for Open Social's 
> REST based APIs (including Portable Contacts) will be a huge upgrade to 
> our existing Open Stack offering.
> We've also been working behind the scenes to line up several new and 
> exciting Relying Parties to accept OpenID. Every potential Relying Party 
> that I've been working with wants to accept not just Yahoo OpenID, but 
> also OpenIDs from other Providers, which is making a really strong case 
> for interoperability and open standards.
> Yahoo along with other OPs and Relying Parties are committing plenty of 
> resources for OpenID  and are actively working towards the goal of 
> having OpenID reach widespread usage and adoption.  Many of these 
> efforts are behind the scenes, and aren't really visible on the public 
> mailing lists, so perhaps the OpenID Foundation can take the lead in 
> publicizing the activities that its membership is actively working on.
> Allen
> Nat wrote:
>> Hi
>> Inline below:
>> =nat at Tokyo via iPhone
>> On 2009/07/30, at 2:22, David Recordon <david at sixapart.com> wrote:
>>> Forwarding these three posts from the General list.  Not because I 
>>> agree with all of the sentiments expressed, but because it shows how 
>>> we as a board and organization are clearly not being transparent 
>>> enough in the activities that are actually being taken on.
>>> Two ideas I think that we should seriously consider are:
>>> 1) making use of a project management tool like Basecamp 
>>> (http://www.basecamphq.com/) so that at least the entire board and 
>>> Don know the status of each project that is underway
>> I strongly agree to this.
>>> 2) having Don write a monthly blog post about OpenID's achievements 
>>> the past month and what the Foundation has accomplished
>> +1
>>> Thoughts?
>>> --David
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>>>> Subject: Re: [OpenID] Google's proprietary discovery extension?
>>>> Hehe! Shade for once I am going to agree with you.
>>>> Why do we have a chairman? Isnt he supposed to be leading the flock and
>>>> showing the way?
>>>> And what about the rest of the board. This is the "coldest" board I 
>>>> have
>>>> ever seen.
>>>> I think Eran Hammer should have been the chairman of the board! I 
>>>> wonder why
>>>> he disappeared from here 2 yrs back. (I have seen some posts from 
>>>> him from
>>>> 2007).
>>>> SitG Admin wrote:
>>>>>> There is no sign of the "STD mechanism" coming soon.
>>>>> Perhaps it will arrive after Chris Messina's "Policy Expression
>>>>> Extension" passes ;)
>>>>>> Apathy on the part of the OpenID Foundation.
>>>>> Inaction, or so it may appear; timely, though?
>>>>>> Half the Identity folk have moved on to Kantara Initiative.
>>>>>> The Other half to the Open Web foundation.
>>>>>> XRI TC has tied itself in knots.
>>>>>> And the hilarious part is that there are folk involved in all 
>>>>>> these three
>>>>>> foundations!
>>>>> Sounds like good separation of duties to me. If the rest of us can
>>>>> still interop (and work is still being done that *needs* to be done
>>>>> before we can move forward), it doesn't really matter where most of
>>>>> the various communities is doing that work.
>>>>>> No idea were the rest of us should bail out to!?
>>>>> If the development of OpenID were to halt now, I think it would be
>>>>> Federated implementations that found themselves hardest hit; small,
>>>>> independent operators such as myself (working with libraries already
>>>>> distributed "in the wild") might not even notice.
>>>>> -Shade
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