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I have seent the logo page. When did you change the logo text from Orange to


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 6:00 PM, David Recordon <david at sixapart.com> wrote:

> Seems we now have overlaping threads since Nat also created one on the
> private list. :)  My reply there was:
> We can adapt http://xmpp.org/trademark/ to fit OpenID which is my
> recommendation and what we were planning to do last year.  Right now it
> seems to have come down to someone having the time to actually do this work.
>  Chris and I have also been doing work on http://openid.net/logos/ the
> past few days along with http://wiki.openid.net/Logo which links to a
> style guide for logo usage by the designer.
> I see no problem in placing a CC license on the site and the wiki, though
> considering many people have contributed to the wiki I doubt we can just
> place a CC license on the existing content.  I don't see a problem in
> placing a CC license on the site content given that we can contact the small
> group of people who wrote it and ask for their permission.
> --David
> On Jan 29, 2009, at 9:16 PM, Scott Kveton wrote:
>  I noticed that neither openid.net nor wiki.openid.net has copyright
>>> notices.
>>> I think we should put one.
>> +1.
>>  In addition, we need to pick the license terms.
>>> Do we want it them to be one of CC license?
>> +1
>>  Also, I would very much appreciate a status report from the trademark
>>> committee on the status of the logo and trademark usage policy.
>> Raj/David/Bill: any progress on this?  How can we help?  Can we use
>> boilerplate or something from Apache, etc?
>> - Scott
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